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Icon: Arthur Ashe

Arthur-Ashe-An-American-Icon-1 In case you haven’t heard, the first serves of this year’s US Open were launched yesterday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens.

Which got us thinking about the venue’s namesake racquet-eer. And boy, does he deserve the consideration. Ashe, the first champion of the US Open in its modern form, lobbed and rallied his way to victory back in the golden days of tennis style—before endorsement deals and corporate sponsorships littered the field with swooshes. (We can thank another Kempt Icon for that.) And yet, on courts that had more than their fair share of stark white sweaters and crisp tailored shorts, Ashe was able to stand out sartorially against the crowd.

Maybe it was the glasses.

Take a moment to get to know the newest inductee into this elite pantheon of well-dressed men to admire, and decide for yourself, after the jump...»

Candice Swanepoel Cannot Let Go of the Beach

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From the Sidelines


As you may have noticed from Wimbledon, the ballboys are usually the best dressed people on the court. Of course, it’s usually through a judicious application of summer whites…but that’s not to say a few patches of color wouldn’t improve things.

This is Ralph Lauren’s upgrade—soon to be seen on the backs of the 80 ballboys that just completed their tryouts for the U.S. Open—and it’s pretty handsome stuff. Ralph being Ralph, it’s a bit more polo than tennis, but in the less strict confines of the U.S. Open, it should fit right in. And of course, if you find yourself playing lineman for any less professional games this summer, it might not be such a bad piece to have handy.

Bad Ideas, Tennis, and More Mad Men


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