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Ana Beatriz Cannot Believe Herself

Red-Headed Stepchild: A book excerpt retells the Conan-Leno debacle with insider info, punchier dialogue and a few gratuitous sex scenes. [Vanity Fair]

Presented Without Comment: Gucci now makes $225 3D glasses, in aviator frames. We take no official position on this development. [Luxist]

Together At Last: A lost duet between Ray Charles and Johnny Cash finally escapes from the vault. [The Guardian]

The End of Prep: J.Press cashes in some branding cred for a limited line with Urban Outfitters. [Sartorially Inclined]

Notes, Neon & Nods for Suzy


Bunny by the Book: For your consideration—a woman’s advice for becoming the perfect Playboy Bunny. [Radar]

Good Stock: The return of stationary with a masculine touch. [Valet]

Loud and Proud: Patagonia and Urban Outfitters partner to bring back the 80s fleece and, like it or not, some definitive colors from the decade. [Men.Style]

Twenty Strong: Legendary fashion writer Suzy Menkes celebrates her 20th Anniversary at the International Herald Tribune. Gaggles of design talent salute her to the beat of Fatboy Slim. [The Moment]

Happy Campers, Unhappy Tailors, and Wedding Bells


Sleepaway: We've been to summer camp before. If was like this, we never would have left. [The Cut]

We Got The Blues: A denim roundup you just can't miss. [Refinery29]

Pop The Question: So you've overcome commitmentphobia. Here's some suggestions for the next step [Art of Manliness]

All About Yoo: Thanks to his ability to please the, "everyday business guy," and the "Brooklyn kids," Justin Yoo is officially on our radar. [We Are the Market]

Revving Up: BMW brings back the M1 Supercar. Frankly, we're a little turned on. [Wired]

Early Delivery: Even though Steven Alan's Lark & Wolff Urban Outfitters collection isn't supposed to be available for another couple of weeks, you can snatch some shirts down at the Noho shop. We suggest cutting out of work early. [Racked]

Core Values: British tailors are fighting to preserve the meaning of the term "bespoke". Join the crusade! [Telegraph UK]