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Now You Can Wear James Dean’s Boots and Shirts

  • Kempt Staff


You might remember when we hipped you to the Phoenix Project from menswear historians Bench & Loom.

Their mission of bringing extinct pieces of iconic menswear back to life, Jurassic Park–style, began with Johnny Cash’s beloved baseball jacket—but now they’re on to a new icon: James Dean. And it just so happens that our comrades in style over at UrbanDaddy Perks have your exclusive first dibs on the historically accurate reproductions of the boots and shirts that the rebel without a cause famously wore.

Suddenly your summer plans are looking a lot more badass (1955 Porsche Speedster optional).

Here’s why, after the jump.»

Here’s Your In at Freemans Sporting Club’s Secret Bespokery

  • Kempt Staff


By now you’ve heard of renowned NYC haberdasher Freemans Sporting Club, but you probably haven’t heard of their secret bespoke suiting studio...

Usually only discussed in hushed tones among the well-informed—and well-dressed—the studio is hidden behind a faux bookcase upstairs, somewhere above their eponymous restaurant (sorry, we can’t tell you any more than that). Concealed within: a menswear dream world of bench-made bespokery, cigars, scotch and a master tailor ready to make you a fully canvassed made-to-measure suit.

Luckily, our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks have your in.