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The New Athleisure Economy: Intent vs. Reality

  • Kempt Staff
The New Athleisure Economy: Intent vs. Reality

Seems like all of our favorite menswear labels are making stylish workout clothes these days, from  Ovadia & Sons to Suitsupply to Dusk, a sporty new collection launched by the folks at Unis yesterday. (And let’s not forget Todd Snyder’s long-standing collaboration with Champion.)

But with all this handsome athletic wear out there, who’s really using it to work out? That slick windbreaker intended for triathlon training will probably end up logging more hours at brunch tables than on running trails. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from buying it—you’ll just have to come to terms with the intent of your purchase versus the reality of how you’ll actually use it...

That’s where we come in.

Indigo Beyond the Denim

  • Kempt Staff

022514_Indigo_3 For years, indigo was a term relegated to the dark corners of the denim-obsessed, but nowadays it’s been popping up everywhere—and far beyond jeans.

Which is great, because indigo can be so many things. And menswear has begun embracing the centuries-old natural dye in all of its forms—from blazers knit with indigo-dyed yarns to garment-dyed indigo sweatpants—thanks in no small part to the gents at San Francisco’s Unionmade who were at the forefront of the beyond-denim indigo movement. Which brings us to this upcoming spring awash in a sea of saturated blues...

Behold: all of the new indigo, sans the denim.»

Unis Goes Short

  • Najib Benouar


Consider this a late-breaking addition to our great moments in shorts...

Because we may have finally found the perfect pair of summer shorts, by way of menswear blogger darling label Unis: the Emmett.

Unis basically took the label’s highly coveted Gio pants and cut them off at the exactly appropriate length—baring just enough knee to keep things interesting, while not going full-on Larry Bird. Most importantly, the short pants retain the casually tailored-ness and Italian cotton of their forefather.

Take a few more looks at the shorts after the jump.»

The Wisdom of Take Ivy, Congolese Dandies and the Return of the Pleated Pant

  • Kempt Staff

Congolese Dandies

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Congo Line: Discovering the lesser-known subculture of Congolese dandies, better known as Les Sapeurs.

Yes, Pleats: Esquire talks to Unis designer Eunice Lee about the return of pleated pants.

Fabulous ’40s: Financial Times pens an ode to 1940s menswear in their latest editorial.