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All Black Everything


You’re in soccer mourning. It’s understandable.

So to lament the defeat of the U.S. team in yesterday’s Women’s World Cup final, you can pick up this all-black trainer jacket and commence the most solemn elliptical session of your life.

It was made as a tribute to our beloved New York Cosmos, who happened to be coalescing during the infamous New York Blackout of ’77. But given the circumstances, we’d say it doubles as the official garment of soccer mourners everywhere. And now that we consider it, we’re still pretty bummed about that Ghana thing…

The Icon: The New York Cosmos

New York Cosmos

Trends work in mysterious ways. Sometimes, for strange and obscure reasons, random things will surge back into style—like cargo shorts, or neckerchiefs…

Or a 30-year-old American soccer team.

Thanks to some occult rights issues, the 1977 New York Cosmos are having another moment in the spotlight, with Umbro partnerships, throwback t-shirts and genuinely cool parties. It’s a puzzling but welcome development; luckily, we’re here to explain what all the fuss is about.

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A Sporting Fit


We’ve always thought bespokery was the answer to most of the worlds problems (think about it, Geithner), but we never would have thought of it for the sporting world. But the Brits can only do soccer and tailoring for so long before they put the two together…

Umbro recently paired with Aitor Throup to produce a line of bespoke jersey for England’s national soccer team. Of course, Throup being Throup, that came along with a lot of high-minded anatomy and material design research, but the result a team with a set of well-shaped jerseys—and an Imperial sales bonus for Umbro.

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