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MTM Wetsuiting Is Now a Thing

  • Najib Benouar


It’s hard to imagine a situation where the buttoned-up lot on Savile Row and laid-back surfer types would overlap, but it seems they have...

According to our friends at UrbanDaddy, you can get yourself a made-to-measure wetsuit from the British surf gurus behind Swami’s (they’ve made some handsome boards in their day, including a collaboration with Paul Smith). Just in time to dapper up any Endless Summer–inspired weekends you’ve got planned, they’ve teamed up with a wetsuit maker on the Celtic Sea who’s doing to-order custom jobs for anyone in need of a perfectly snug neoprene suit. (Yes, you can refer to him as your wetsuit tailor.)

As you can imagine, the benefits of a MTM wetsuit are similar to its wool counterpart—the personalized comfort, the boost in confidence, the decreases in body fatigue—but this one also keeps you much drier than normal. And for all the stuff out there getting the “bespoke treatment” these days, this is something we can actually get behind.

Our MTM sock garters, on the other hand...

Your New Custom-Belt Hookup

  • Najib Benouar


More often than not, belts are an afterthought (as long as they’re doing their job of keeping your pants up).

But today we’d like to direct your attention to our friends over at UrbanDaddy Perks, who are knocking 10 bucks off a custom belt from BeltCraft (plus a few more if you’re an user). You can choose between leather, suede or cotton webbing, and equip it with all the trimmings you desire—we’re partial to surcingle and striped ribbon, ourselves. And if you happen to design something particularly noteworthy, it will be posted for others to consider buying straight up.

It’s never too late to get into the belt-designing business.

A Head Start on Your Summer Kicks

  • Kempt Staff


You might recall that about a week ago we broke the good news of Todd Snyder’s latest collaboration with SeaVees—resulting in the finest city-to-beach footwear you’ll find all summer.

Now we’ve got even better news: our comrades-in-style over at UrbanDaddy Perks are giving you essentially 30% off anything in the SeaVees webshop (including the aforementioned collaboration).

The Snyder stuff is decidedly more #menswear, with its Japanese twill and herringbone patterns, but there’s plenty more to like from the surfer-y shoemakers—including some beach-faded plimsolls, rubber-soled suede mocs and Baja-striped slip-ons.

Get a closer look at our favorites after the jump.»

Getting First Shot at FSC’s New Custom Suit

  • Kempt Staff


We spend a good deal of time gushing over brightly colored pants and double-breasted blazers, but there’s something to be said for having a good knock-around suit at your disposal.

It’s the workhorse in any modern man’s closet and worth investing a little extra in.

A prime example: the latest custom offering from the neo-rustic Americana-philes at Freemans Sporting Club—exclusively on presale through our friends at UrbanDaddy Perks.

The gents at Freemans spent nearly a year perfecting this 7 oz tropical wool American-made suit in the requisite shade of charcoal gray—and it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect, including a fully canvassed jacket. Since it’s a custom deal, you’ll have to be in NYC to meet with FSC’s on-premises master tailor in their bespoke studio... hidden behind an upstairs bookshelf in their eponymous restaurant.

Which will play out a lot like this slick video they’ve put together of the process.»

Your Spring Cashmere Hookup

  • Najib Benouar


Consider this a last-minute addition to yesterday’s spring must-haves: fine-gauge cashmere.

And right on time, our comrades in style over at UrbanDaddy Perks are knocking 25% off a fine selection of spring-ready cashmere sweaters, cardigans and one exceptionally cozy-looking speckled henley from Christopher Fischer—an expert on balancing the yarn’s buttery-soft gauziness with just enough warmth retention perfect for the typical “summer in the light and winter in the shade” March day.

Clearly Dickens was pining for some cashmere while writing that line.

Italian Shoes by Way of Nashville

  • Najib Benouar


Indulge us for a moment here and imagine if two of menswear’s favorite pastimes—Americana and Italian craftsmanship—were turned into a shoe...

Chances are they’d look a lot like the boots from Peter Nappi—which just so happen to be going for 20% to 40% under retail right now on UrbanDaddy Perks.

Leather artisan Phillip Nappi traces his roots back to a grandfather who made shoes in Italy (the namesake of the company), and nowadays Nappi the Younger makes some hardwearing boots meticulously crafted from Tuscan leather from his leather studio based in the heart of Honky-Tonk. Our favorite of the bunch is the Romeo, constructed of a single, continuous piece of leather stretched over a last that’s supposed to fit so well, you could go without the laces. Which puts them somewhere between your favorite pair of oxfords and loafers.

Not a bad place to be—especially for your feet.