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To the Letter


A well-made neon sign is a thing of beauty, even if they rarely make it into museums. But Berlin’s Buchstaben Museum corrects the injustice, to the delight of font nerds everywhere. The name translates to “Museum of Letters,” which is more or less what you’ll find inside: a glorious clutter of vintage signs, sourced from across Europe. Feast your eyes.

The Lens, the Font, and the Ball


Models and Bottles: The Met takes a look at the photographer model relation…and comes away with a significantly more chaste take than we were expecting. [The Cut]

Sign of the Times: A peek into the arduous design clash behind the interstate’s new typeface. [NYTimes]

A Verdant Glenn: Our favorite guy of style checks in with a new blues compilation. [Men.Style]

Free Throws, Free Trade: The first trick to inspiring economic confidence is sinking every single free throw. [Gawker]

And On And On


There’s a lot of logos out there, especially on shirts. Even if you go the “art tee” route and end up with an engraved Chinese Dragon on your chest, you might have a sneaking suspicion that your shirt is saying more than it should.

We recommend a solitary non-corporate symbol stamped right above your sternum. The ampersand has a few hundred years of typography behind it, so you can choose between the officious “Arial” and the literary “Baskerville,” which you may recognize from the cover of *Wuthering Heights*.

As for what it means, that’s just part of the fun. You & me? Milk & sugar? Us & them?

via t-critic