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Judi Dench is Looking Pretty Good


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Lara Stone is a Woman with Ulterior Motives


Also Known as a Femme Fatale: Someone runs a garters-and-tights editorial spread every few months…and we have no problem with that. [Fashion Copious]

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The Canadian List


Lobster aside, Prince Edward Island’s main exports seem to be cold fronts and grandmotherly affection, so it’s only natural they make a hell of a cardigan.

Brooklyn outlet C’H’C’M’ just restocked their knitwear section with a few hats, scarves, and this cardigan from PEI’s Northern Watters. The color scheme is pretty twee, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the wool is thick enough to inspire all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Your move, Nantucket.

It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue


Pastel can be effective, if used sparingly, and it’s worth having a few lighter items in your closet. But we wouldn’t start with baby blue pants. In fact, we’d stay away from these entirely.

Corduroy is pretty twee to begin with, and coloring it like a baby blanket pushes it past McSweeneys into manchild territory. We’ve got nothing against Mr. Rogers—in fact, we regard him as the unspoken pioneer of the cardigan—but even the most unimpeachably masculine among us would have trouble pulling this off.

Everyone ages out of looks, but the cutoff for this is probably somewhere around puberty.