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Kempt Man of the Hour: Zachary Levi

  • Najib Benouar

Zachary Levi

There was plenty of good style on display during last night’s Tony Awards, but our favorite was Zachary Levi’s double-breasted midnight-blue tuxedo.

He wasn’t one of the big names on the red carpet—you might recognize him as the titular character from Chuck, and his chances of becoming a household name might slightly improve once the next Thor movie hits theaters—but he managed to land the best tuxedo on Broadway last night. Due in part to the deftly tailored suiting, but we’re mostly digging that tipped pocket square—a little accent that goes a long way in getting noticed in the more dapper circles of the red-carpet circuit.

Of course, earning MOTH honors is another very strong step in the right direction.

Chambray’s Dirty Secret, Bastian Hangs with Trinidad James and Details Loves Sherry

  • Kempt Staff

Tuxedo slippers

Menswear, Science: Tweed in the City sets a few samples of chambray aflame in an attempt to get to the bottom of the poly-blend conspiracy. This could go all the way to the top.

Cats and Dogs: While felines might rule the Internet era, Slate reminds us that canines reign in print.

Straight Flexin’: In what has undoubtedly resulted in the photo that will break the #menswear Internet this week, Michael Bastian and Trinidad James profess their shared love for tuxedo slippers.

Oh, Sherry: Details makes the case for giving Sherry a second chance. (The drink.)

Stylish St. Paddy’s Day Green, Choosing the Best Dry Cleaner and Popping Collars

  • Kempt Staff

Wearing green

Green Is Good: The gents at Esky have your sartorial guide on how to incorporate green into your St. Paddy’s Day wardrobe with aplomb.

Clean Slate: Everything you need to know about dry cleaners and picking the best one nearest you, courtesy of Put This On.

What’s Popping: The Wall Street Journal proclaims the return of the popped collar. Proceed with caution.

Mr. Parker: Port interviews the head tailor at Henry Poole & Co, the storied Savile Row tailoring house that invented the tuxedo jacket and put Winston Churchill in chalk stripes.

Eddie Redmayne’s Tuxedo Slippers and More Oscar Handsomeness

  • Najib Benouar

Eddie Redmayne

We spent the better part of last week ruminating on the state of black tie on the red carpet (it’s as strong as ever) in the lead-up to last night’s Oscars.

And we were hoping to see some of our handiwork out on the red carpet. We were not disappointed—and, aside from Daniel Day-Lewis’s pitch-perfect getup (right down to the tipped pocket square we suggested here) our proudest moment was when newcomer Eddie Redmayne traipsed in wearing velvet tuxedo slippers (another one of our suggestions).

We’ve been tracking Redmayne’s red-carpet ascension closely this awards season, and this move solidifies his bid as Red Carpet Rookie of the Year. (The rest of his kit was also impeccable, as you can see.) But it was an undeniably handsome night all around, so we couldn’t let the chance to point out a few more of our favorites go by.

Another look at the real winners of last night’s tuxedo games.»

Genesis Rodriguez Has Felt an Invisible Touch

  • Kempt Staff

via GQ

Checkered Past: T Magazine looks back at its favorite menswear stories of the year. [T Magazine]

Tuxedos and Don’ts: Sean “The Impossible Cool” Sullivan suits up in J.Crew’s newest suiting (a shawl-collar tux) and shares some black-tie advice. [J.Crew]

The Meh-ments: With all of the year-end roundups focusing on the highlights and lowlights of the year in sports, we almost overlooked the 10 “midlights.” Almost. [The Atlantic]

Politics Before the Cliff: Remembering that one time Ronald Regan went to Margaret Thatcher for sartorial advice. It was a simpler time. [Refinery29]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Jimmy Kimmel

  • Najib Benouar

When you’re running the show, it helps to dress the part.

So we were pleasantly surprised to see Jimmy Kimmel show up to his Emmy hosting gig in a notched-lapel tuxedo that was tailored to perfection. It’s especially impressive because comedians, in general, have a hard time taking anything seriously—even when dressing themselves (Ricky Gervais comes to mind). And Kimmel didn’t just play it safe with the typical grosgrain-ribbon job, he went charcoal and three-piece, and nailed it—more proof that there’s no substitute for a good tailor.

And that vest really tied the dapper ringmaster look together.

Threat Level Midnight

  • Najib Benouar

For anyone who needed a reminder on how to wear a midnight blue tuxedo (or that a new Bond film is due out next month), here it is.

Daniel Craig is on pace to become the most stylish Bond of all time. And now that the latest Skyfall poster has been unveiled, he doesn’t seem to be losing any steam. We’ll assume he’s gone with a slightly undersized bow tie as not to undersell his tuxedo-pocket-sized pistol.

Minding your proportions is rule number one.

Red, White and Black Tie

  • Najib Benouar

We’re already gearing up for America’s birthday party tomorrow—for the past few days, we’ve been stoking the grill and tractor-beaming on anything with stars and stripes.

So naturally, we were more than pleased to stumble upon this masterpiece celebrating both America and menswear bearing a tuxedo, stars and stripes. It’s one of the standouts from the menswear-inspired paintings of Canadian artiste Sam Shuter, and it’s still a work in progress (hence, we’ve only got the black-and-white preview). But tomorrow, after some finishing touches, she’s unveiling the work of art in full red-white-and-black-tie splendor—so you’ll want to tune in.

This is going to be one handsome Independence Day.

Anne Vyalitsyna Is A Super Senior

  • Najib Benouar

Peace and Quiet: Esky talks to Bill Murray about the movie biz and what he wants for Father’s Day. [Esquire]

Fisti-French-cuffs: You’ve never seen two tuxedoed gents duel it out in hand-to-hand combat on a beach? Hercules Universal’s new S/S lookbook should solve that. [HTTGAP]

It’s Not Delivery: Aston Martin hands Cool Hunting the keys to a Vantage—and they proceed to zigzag across NYC in search of each borough’s best pizza. That’s one idea… [Cool Hunting]

Suspended Belief: Buzzfeed makes a case for wearing suspenders. We’re not sure we agree, but for some reason, we can’t look away. [Buzzfeed]

The Monstrosity of Yoox

If you’re into horrifying asymmetrical tuxedos, then we have a deal for you.

Sales are always dicey—especially when the site is a Euro clearinghouse like Yoox—but we’re still a little shocked when a jacket like this catches the eye of a buyer and ends up on a site. (We’re slightly less surprised that it is now on sale.)

Was there some sort of horrible tuxedo malfunction? Is it a normal jacket with the worst styling on earth? Is it a comment on formalwear anxiety? Was there a car crash? Even at a 65% discount, doesn’t $275 seem maybe a little high?

There is also the distinct possibility that Tilda Swinton will wear it to the Oscars. Stay tuned.

The Icon: Alec Baldwin

It’s easy to forget what a slick bastard Alec Baldwin was in his prime.

It’s not that he’s fallen off; just the opposite. He’s aged so gracefully, it’s hard to remember he wasn’t always the jolly playboy uncle he is now. But over the years, he’s passed through a wide range of styles, from “young hunk” to “slicked-back corporate raider” to “mountain man,” and he’s never seemed like anyone other than himself.

So we thought we’d take a minute to celebrate the evolution of Mr. Baldwin, in five easy pieces...

The style of Alec Baldwin in five pictures»

The Icon: JFK Jr.

The ’90s were a different time. Simpler, even.

It’s still a bit of a style taboo, but at its best, ’90s style was a retake of the same optimistic ennui that drove the early ’60s—so it’s only right that its greatest icon would be a latter-day Kennedy, a man of leisure in an increasingly uncertain time.

Ladies and gentlemen, JFK Jr.

If you look through these pictures closely enough, you’ll see most of the decade represented, from RL prep to Wall Street insouciance. Of course, he bowed out too soon (just as the decade ended, in fact), but what’s left is a remarkable record of a man in his prime. Here are a few of our favorites...

Our five favorite pics of JFK Jr.»

Jessica Chastain is Having an Emotional Shower

Tuxedo Wisdom: A guide to the tuxedo which, other than being inappropriately soft on the “tuxedo suit” monstrosity, is pretty much on point. [Wax Wane]

Pump the Brakes: A guide to not drinking too much at your upcoming office party. Avoiding tonic helps, apparently. [The Trad]

I Object!: The percentage of married Americans is at its lowest point ever, so feel free to hit on that attractive older woman at the bar. [Slatest]

Fashion Just Got Nerdier: An impassioned interview arguing for fashion APIs. If you don’t know what that means, you’ll find out soon. [Business of Fashion]

The Kempt Guide to the November Issues

If you haven’t checked your mailbox recently, we’ve got some good news. Another round of glossy style advice has arrived on the nation’s collective doorstep, and In fact, this month’s haul was particularly interesting because of Esquire’s latest Big Black Book—a glossy tome filled with all the intricacies of style too involved for the general subscriber base. That means dark rum, exotic leathers and all manner of Italian suiting.

Of course, it’s not all good advice—so we’re stepping in to tell you what to read, what to try and what to avoid at all costs.

Here’s everything you need to know from this month’s glossy magazines...»