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Inside the Turnbull & Asser Archives

Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser has been making custom shirts for over a century now, for everyone from Prince Charles to Jay Gatsby (at least in the ’74 version). So naturally, they’ve built up quite an archive…and we’ve got a peek inside.

It comes by way of Bespoken, a more modern shirting brand that uses Turnbull & Asser’s factory for their made-to-measure business. When they’re in need of inspiration, they’ve been known to stop through Turnbull’s archive of swatches in Italy. It’s a room full of old, dusty books, holding some of the best-loved shirting fabrics in menswear history—and since we asked nicely, they decided to pass along a few pics…

See a few pictures from Turnbull & Asser’s shirting archive»

This Shirt Was Brought to You By...

When Turnbull & Asser makes a shirt, no fewer than 16 people are involved in the process, from cutting the fabric to pressing the final article. And now, you know their names. This tag comes from Bespoken’s new made-to-measure shirting line, currently available from our brothers-in-arms at UD Perks and made with a little help from the Turnbull factory in Gloucestershire. Like true factory men, they decided to let you know who was involved. Here’s hoping T. Walsh did a good job.