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Timepiece Tuesday: The Best New Watches at NY Market Week

  • Kempt Staff
Timepiece Tuesday: The Best New Watches at NY Market Week

It’s market week here in New York—a time for buyers to stock their shops, a time for editors to take the pulse of the upcoming season and a time for general menswear camaraderie. We saw plenty of good stuff on the showroom floors (stay tuned for more on that tomorrow) but since it’s Tuesday, we begin by focusing on all the handsome new watches.

A look at the best new wrist candy coming down the pipeline:

Watch Yourself

  • Najib Benouar

In general, we prefer wearing things that can withstand a little punishment—especially when it comes to our watches. Often, that requires looking past the usual suspects and digging up something made of aerospace-grade stainless steel.

Like the Californian-designed, Swiss-made watches from Tsovet (which just so happen to be on sale exclusively at UrbanDaddy Perks). The timepieces carry more heft than your average military watch, plus the stenciled numbers and squared case will stand out in today’s sea of retro-leaning dials. And with sizes pushing the 50mm mark, these watches are not for the faint of heart.

Or the faint of wrist.

The Dark Side


There are two kinds of military watch. There’s the classic infantry kind (which you can find in any number of shops) and then there’s the advanced version, the kind of watch you’d see on the wrist of one of the bad guys in Top Gun.

This Tsovet Dial is the latter.

It’s a little less earthy than the khaki-toned alternative, but by our lights this is what a watch should look like: an impervious brick of technology, as small and as black as possible. The infantry model might have the retro look locked down…but this one looks like the future.