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Screen, Printing


The latest from the CES front: This printer (the GT-451 from the ominously named Brother) can print a full color t-shirt in a few minutes, which should come in handy for getting those “Superbowl Champion” t-shirts out of the gate come January.

More people are printing up t-shirts in their basements these days, so if they get the price point low enough, this could be genuinely revolutionary…but we’re a bit skeptical. The art tee crowd is a pretty finicky bunch, and we doubt they’ll give up screenprinting without a fight.

After all, half of them are still using vinyl.

See the printer in action»

Cross the Tees


The art tee business is getting pretty crowded, and new ideas are always in short supply. An outfit called The Affair has come up with one: limited editions.

This tee comes out of a closed batch of two hundred…impressive until you realize that the Threadless print runs aren’t that much larger. They just have the foresight to call the number up front, and stick to their guns when it sells out early. It’s the same gimmick that lets Shepard Fairey sell an Obama poster 350 times and the gallery owners of the world grab a slightly bigger piece of the pie.

If they’re going to be *art* tees, it’s time they started acting like it.

And On And On


There’s a lot of logos out there, especially on shirts. Even if you go the “art tee” route and end up with an engraved Chinese Dragon on your chest, you might have a sneaking suspicion that your shirt is saying more than it should.

We recommend a solitary non-corporate symbol stamped right above your sternum. The ampersand has a few hundred years of typography behind it, so you can choose between the officious “Arial” and the literary “Baskerville,” which you may recognize from the cover of *Wuthering Heights*.

As for what it means, that’s just part of the fun. You & me? Milk & sugar? Us & them?

via t-critic