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Getting Steamy


Steamer trunk luggage has been building a following for a while now, but so far it’s been the kind you need servants to carry. It’s a lot more authentic, but it has a tendency to cramp your style, not to mention your back.

Steamline Luggage has a somewhat more carryable version via NotCot called the Aviator series which may have found the perfect middle ground. It keeps the boxy look, comes in all the usual incremental sizes—from vanity case to stowaway—and for the most part stays under four pounds. It’s not quite as historical as some of the models we’ve run across in the past…but we’re betting it’s a lot easier on our rotator cuffs.

Black Box


As we were saying earlier, the bag you carry should depend a lot on where you’re going. If you’re going to a hipster accounting convention—possibly held in a terrifyingly angular office building—you may want to grab one of these.

Based on a recreation of 1930s steamer trunks, these suitcases from French bespoke luggage firm Pinel & Pinel end up looking more like a macho version of the hardshell briefcase you’ll see on the hands of businessmen from New York to Mumbai. Only the extra corner accents and the lightweight carbon fiber mean this version’s set up to take the kind of punishment accountants only see in movies.

The way business is going these days, that might come in handy.

Crystal Ship


The 21st century has really fallen behind in the portable bar department. In the old days, a self-respecting gentleman wouldn’t dream of setting off on a voyage without something in reserve. And in the heyday of the trunk, there was a specific solution at hand.

Stocking more than twenty bottles of your choosing and a healthy selection of Irish crystal, this rosewood trunk is an open invitation to turn your spring picnic into a police-baiting outdoor hootenanny. Of course, luggage has always had its own unique style, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little function into the mix.

Charlie Chaplin would be proud.

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