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Five Reasons Vince Vaughn Won’t Nail True Detective (and One Reason He Might)

  • Jason Wire

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Okay, you might remember all the way back to when we laid out the five reasons Colin Farrell will nail True Detective. (That was this morning.)

Well, there’s already been another big development since then: Vince Vaughn has just been named Farrell’s colead.

And, well, we must say that we’ve got the exact opposite opinion on this choice...»

23 Other Duos We’d Like to See in True Detective


The inaugural run of HBO’s much obsessed-over not-so-buddy cop drama, True Detective, came to an end yesterday.

And though we’ve got mixed emotions regarding that final hour—don’t worry, no spoilers here—we’re sad to see it go, especially since the news broke last week that McConaughey won’t be returning for season two.

Though that begs the question: if the dysfunctional duo is breaking up, will a new pair of misfits be taking up the True D reins next time around? Because if so, we’ve got a few suggestions for who might fit the bill.

Our picks, after the jump...»

Checking In on True Detective


HBO’s dark new crime thriller, True Detective, aired its second, just-as-jarring-as-the-first episode yesterday evening.

And while most critics’ interests have been piqued by the series’ top-shelf talent (see: McConaughey, Harrelson) and grizzly content (see: dead prostitutes, police brutality), we were also struck by the show’s characteristically bleak wardrobe. So far it’s been a lot of muted tones, loose-fitting suits and sweat-soaked undershirts, making one thing perfectly clear: this may also be the ’90s, but it’s a hell of a ways from the in-your-face prep of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Now, have a look for yourselves at True Detective’s sinister stylings, after the jump...»