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Summer Days


Trovata’s been overshadowed by their former collaborators Shipley & Halmos these past few seasons, but they’re still a pretty reliable source for breezy West Coast gear. This Miro shirt, for instance, is the kind of garment they can turn out pretty reliably, a linen-weave summer shirt lined up for their Spring/Summer 2010 line.

It’s not enough to call a comeback, but if they meet January with a whole line of these items, they’ll definitely raise a few eyebrows—even more than the storytelling stunts that got them noticed in the first place. Four years in, they may finally be hitting their stride.

Getting Political


Eye Candy: Have you ever noticed how every time Sarkozy’s approval numbers droop, a new set of Carla Bruni nudes hits the web? [The Awl]

Shine On: The recession hits the rap industry's chains. Where is Jacob the Jeweler when the world needs him? [WSJ]

Have a Seat: The Grey Lady’s take on the ICFF. [NYTimes]

Going Upriver: Trovata ventures into the uncivilized wilderness that is Montauk. [Fashionista]

The Peace Lobby


The folks at Trovata have unveiled a new treat. They’re calling it the peacemonger suit, and it should hit Odin this spring at an economy-friendly $600. It’s a pretty high cut, but we’re coming around on that look, and the oversized button and exposed pockets are enough to make us forgive all kinds of creative tailoring.

Clearly they’re encouraging a few rolls around the ankle. It may seem risky right now, but trust us: it’ll be a much better idea when you don’t have to worry about frostbite.

The Dynamic Duo


It’s official: Kempt favorites Shipley & Halmos have just moved out of the “young upstart” phase, and into the “industry darling” phase.

On May 20th, the ex-Trovata duo will bring home the National Arts Club’s Young Designer Award, the label’s first award since launching in January. The label specializes in trim-fitting suits and summery shorts—just now coming into season—but extra touches like Oxford-cloth boxers give the line a playful edge. More recent obsessions have included black gingham and bowties.

A few of our favorite pics from the S&H kids»

Revenge of the 70s, Uomo Updates and Vested Interests

The Beatles

"More Paul Glaser Than David Soul": Critics drop "Starsky and Hutch" references as Italians channel the 70s yet again. [Telegraph UK]

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Suicide Blonde: Amy Winehouse and peroxide—it was only a matter of time. [Hating It Magazine]

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Deal Alert: Tim Hamilton sample sale begins Saturday. [Marc & Dolce]

Passing Showers: Maybe Vincent Gallo and Terry Richardson can "make it rain"—but nothing, nothing could ever wash them clean. [Hypebeast]

Ad Shockers, Behind eBay, Trovata Gets Sewn


The Most Controversial Ads in Fashion History: We still can't believe they got Josie Maran to do that—isn't she lactose intolerant or something? (NSFW-ish) [Debonair Magazine]

Curiosity Shop: The emotional stories behind all that junk on eBay. [Sentimental Value]

Goggle Hoodies Banned in California: We warned you. [LA Times]

Team Players: Trovata to wash ashore at Earnest Sewn. [Material Interest]

The Day After: If you survive Christmas, discounts on Uniqlo basics await on the 26th. [Village Voice]

Mustache Rides: "Porn star" handlebars cropping up on the faces of the damned. [Styledash]