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Sneak Peek: Hickoree’s Summer Sample Sale

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Sale season’s in the air, and the second annual summer sample shindig over at Hickoree’s is at the top of our weekend to-do list.

For today and tomorrow only, they’ve turned Floor Two into a pseudo-warehouse pop-up, packed to the beams with overstock and never-produced samples from five stellar NYC brands.

Designers from Stanley & Sons, Left Field, Battenwear, 8.15 August Fifteenth and The Hill-side will all be stopping by the scene, so there’s a pretty good shot you’ll be able to seek styling advice straight from the source.

We swung by last night to check the scene and found everything from swim trunks to trousers, shearling bombers, anoraks, henleys, oxfords, ties, tees and seriously handsome bags, among a host of other gems. They’ve even brought in a rack of goods for the ladies in your life by way of 8.15.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect...»

Kempt Digs: Sid Mashburn’s Sport Trousers

  • Kempt Staff

Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn has a knack for filling the gaps—ones you might not have even known were there.

Case in point: his newly unveiled summer stock of “sport trousers” that split the difference between dressier pants and your weekender chinos or jeans. Meaning they’re lightweight enough to wear into these warmer months but still formal enough to get away with wearing to the office—granted you work in the sort of place where the sight of “sky blue” or “bright yellow” wouldn’t wrinkle too many noses. We’re particularly fond of the green canvas pair that toe the line of go-to-hell-ness (which the red and orange pairs have already crossed). Your office mates will get the message.

See them all, after the jump.»

The Stat Sheet: Left Field Tweed Trouser

  • Najib Benouar

Chances are, if you’ve already got a tweed blazer, it’s getting some regular use. But for those of you not quite ready to commit to the tweed jacket, we’d suggest easing into it with a pair of tweed trousers. Like these US-made Japanese-tweed tailored pants from Left Field. Here’s what else you need to know about them.

The Story: The NYC-based label Left Field has been doing Americana since the ’90s—back when the majority of their sales were shipping straight to Japan—and lately they’ve been gaining major traction in the US. Especially in regards to their flannels and new tailored update to their pant cuts.

Who to Channel: A tenured professor; a British aristocrat at his country estate; Donald Sutherland casually walking along the Cliffs of Moher.

When to Wear Them: The brisker it gets, the more your legs are going to want to be wrapped in tweed every day. Wear them with any overcoat you own—get country gentleman with a waxed jacket, or city gentleman with an oxford cloth button-down and wool tie.

Degree of Difficulty: The more tweed you add to your getup, the higher the degree of difficulty. If you’re going to try a blazer with these pants, it’s best not to closely match the two—go with a navy or brown herringbone, make it obvious you’re wearing two different tweeds. Adding a tweed newsie cap might be going too far... unless you’re Donald Sutherland.

A young Donald Sutherland shows how it’s done, after the jump.»

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Dyed in the Wool


The gray wool pant doesn’t get much credit as a wardrobe staple, but it’s every bit as versatile as those cords. It may give off a bit of a Ward Cleaver vibe at times…but now that we think about it, Ward was a pretty stylish guy.

This pair comes from Wings + Horns and boasts a subtly tapered leg and an almost invisible blue thread in the fabric. An entire suit of it might be too formal, too busy, or just too warm…but a pair of trousers is just about right.

Provided you aren't afraid of showing a little sock.