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Last Year’s CGI


For a movie getting a lavish update, the original Tron’s been pretty quiet. There was talk of a Blu-Ray release earlier in the year, but it disappeared almost as soon as it was announced. Last week saw a pretty good guess as to why: it’s embarassing. The CGI is all neon grids and pre-Pixar geometry, the lost-in-a-computer storyline feels obsolete in an age of smartphones, and the live-action elements stick out like a forehead tattoo reading “1982.” An HD release would only emphasize the awful truth: this is how we thought computers worked back then.

Which is to say, it’s pretty fantastic—as long as you’re not the type to be embarrassed about the past.

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The Next Movement


Daft Punk have been resting comfortably in the pop music pantheon for almost a decade now, descending only for 2007’s victory-lap stadium tour, but they haven’t given too many hints as to what the next step might be. At least until now.

The robot duo’s score for Tron: Legacy just got its own website bearing their first new work in five years…and it sounds pretty good. The four-on-the-floor kick drum’s missing, but you can find a few of the old tricks if you look for them. Some critics are even reading an Oscar push into it, but if nothing else it suggests they’re considering a Hollywood afterlife along the lines of Robbie Robertson, Mark Mothersbaugh or even Hans Zimmer if they’re lucky. Count us among the very excited.