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The Kempt Gift Guide, Part One: Formal Trinkets

Good style leaves a lot of room for flourish. No one actually needs a tussah-silk tie or a pair of pearl-topped cufflinks, which is why it’s so special when someone actually has them. That goes double for the smaller trinkets like lapel pins that are usually more memorable than expensive... and happen to make perfect gifts.

So in the name of filling out your list, we’re running down three of our favorite types of formal accessory, a perfect gift for any gentleman-of-style on your list. Even if he’s already got one, he’ll be pretty glad to have another.

Three great gift ideas for a gentleman of style»

Feeling Scrappy


A Swiss army knife does not really need a holster.

But shell cordovan is a terrible thing to waste, so the leftovers from Alden’s factory floor have become these handsome (if unnecessary) trinkets, sold with a Swiss Army pocket knife tucked inside. Luckily, it’s always nice to have a bit of leather in your pocket as a lucky charm, especially when it’s as perfectly tanned as this.

And if you happen to run across a few Phillips head screws…