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A First Look Inside J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop

J.Crew’s Ludlow Shop opened earlier today in Tribeca, the first shop wholly devoted to their signature two-button suit. And nice guys that they are, they let us in for a look around. There’s a lot to see, including a rare look at the Ludlow’s inner construction and some typically handsome Drake’s gear. But we won’t ruin it all by talking; take a look after the jump...

Take a look at J.Crew’s brand-new suiting shop»

Ships Comes to Tribeca

Ships doesn’t get the press of Beams or Honeyee, but they’ve been one of the main players in Tokyo’s heritage revival. And more importantly, they’re currently finishing up a pop-up shop at Tribeca’s Grown & Sewn—a khaki artisan you might remember from the Pop Up Flea. We stopped by today to check out the goods, including Inverallan sweaters and some of the finest sweatshirts known to man.

A tour of Tokyo’s best heritage menswear, currently touring Tribeca»

Give ‘Em the Boot


Functional clothing has a built-in authenticity, whether it’s factory denims or riding boots. And as far as sincerity goes, work boots are one of the highlights. And not just because they’re indestructible.

Red Wing has been a favorite of ours ever since we saw it pop up in the J. Crew Tribeca store, but apparently we’re getting another crack at them at David Z. The white soles are a nice touch, but the real draw here is the tough leather and rugged construction. With the right care, these will last forever and withstand almost any conditions.

And they look like it.

World Diplomacy, Belted Bikinis and the Quarter Brogue


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