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Top of the World, Pa


Say It Is So: In the wake of the apparently real Leighton Meester sex tape, Alex Balk makes sense of it all. [The Awl]

Revenge of the Fallen Critics: Surprisingly, the emerging critical consensus on Transformers 2 is less than sunny. [Movieline]

On Vibrate: The first iPhone vibrator makes it to the Apple store, and the world will never be the same. [Gizmodo]

Back in the Day: Refinery29 puts together a father’s day gallery with some of the previous generation’s best specimens. Apparently Phil Oh’s dad was a badass. [Refinery29]

The Wages of Sloth


Terrytown: Terry Richardson teams up with the Pirelli calendar, and this is the closest to SFW he comes. [Hypebeast]

A Verdant Glenn: The embattled style guy empties his notebook with characteristic unflappability, unearthing gems like “Rhythm shook me like a thermometer.” Shine on, you grizzled diamond. [Men.Style]

Brass Balls: Transformers 2 might be a bit more anatomically correct than is strictly appropriate. [Gawker]

Darkness on the Edge of Town: The L.A. outskirts gets a new boutique. [CoolHunting]

Naughty Fox, The Perfect Moccasin &amp Sean to Vuitton


Bad Fox: Transformers 2 femme fatal and GQ covergirl Megan Fox has a loose-lipped Mom. Mrs. Fox chatted with her hometown newspaper and confirms your biggest dreams—Megan as a very, very naughty teenager. [Palm Beach Post]

Tight Helmut: We must concur, Marc Jacobs, you’re not the only one in the Fashion District hitting the gym. [Men.Style]

Louis Canvassing Connery?: Great Scot Sean Connery could be the next face in the ongoing Annie Leibowitz-shot Louis Vuitton campaign, joining Francis Ford Coppola and Catherine Deneuve. [Fashionista]

Mocc’ing Luxury: Valet offers a peek at Arrow Moccasin Company’s winter offerings, featuring sheepskin upgrades and even a pair of made-to-measure if you send them an exact trace of your feet. [Valet]

The Brand Eaters


Members Only, everyone’s favorite 80s scapegoat, is re-launching today under the watchful eye of Kelli Delaney, alumnus of such esteemed publications as Allure, Glamour, and that pinnacle of fashion wisdom, Us Weekly. But more interesting are the places she hasn’t worked. Not only is this Delaney’s first foray into the production side of the business, she had no connection whatsoever with the 80s incarnation of Members Only.

In other words, it’s the clothing equivalent of Tab Energy »