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There Seems to be a Run in Kate Moss’s Stocking


We Love Kate Moss, Kate Moss Loves Topshop: We’ll keep mum about our own feelings towards Topshop. [Refinery29]

Outsider Art: Another day, another set of collegiate ties from Band of Outsiders. [Material Interest]

Back to the Future: Mad Men chalks up its third historical inaccuracy. Two more and we’ll stop watching. [Vulture]

The Return of the Chef: Raekwon the Chef readies his illustrious return. [WBE]

Shelby Gets The Green Light, Tattoo Jew, and Miranda Gets Greasy


Mean Green Machine: Who says hybrids have to be slow? Not Shelby, that's for sure. [Wired]

No Smoking: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes it's a pointlessly complex electronic device. [Crave]

Kosher Ink: Seems you can still get buried in a Jewish cemetery even if you're tattooed. Hide your "No Fear" brand from the world no longer. [NYTimes]

Downgrade: Miranda Kerr switches from Orlando Bloom to the greasy scuzz who first called Lindsay Lohan "firecrotch." Meanwhile, you are charming, polite, fresh-scrubbed, thin and alone. [Popcrunch]

User Friendly: Man, that Mac guy gets all the starlets—all the starlets. [D-Listed]

Lady Law: Señor ACL picks his favorite men's style rules set down by Consuelo Castiglioni of Mari. [A Continuous Lean]

Going Both Ways: See, you can become the womenswear model you always wanted to be. Dreams do come true. [Jezebel]

Topping Out: British mom-and-pop store, Topshop, continues to roll out the goods. [The Pipeline]

Assembly Lines, Pocket Squares, and Salma Forever


Certified Classic: Salma Hayek—still beautiful, still badass. [Camel Tap]

British Invasion: Save your pence—Topman will arrive any day [DNRNews]

These Nike Canvas Lows Are Kinda Awesome: That is all. [Hypebeast]

Pocket Protector: The history of the pocket square revealed. [Art of Manliness]

Putting It Together: Assembly, the omnisexual store from one of the creators of Scout, is picking up all kinds of press. [We Are The Market]

Misunderestimating: President George W. Bush tells French President Nicholas Sarkozy of his wife, Carla Bruni, "I can see why you married her". Apparently his degree from Yale was in stating the obvious. [BBC]

Hanging In There: The tie is dead? Go tell it to CBS. [A Continuous Lean]

Scent of a Dude, Bastian's Basics and British Invasions


Eau de Bro: Dude, Matthew McConaughey will be totally banging his bongos for D&G's new scent. [FashionWeekDaily]

Brogue State: Ex-English PM Tony Blair believes, "Cheap shoes are a false economy." I guess that means we're "New Labour" too. [Manolo For Men]

Stain Fighter: Michael Bastian's essentials, from aviators to Spray and Wash. [Men.Style]

Topshop, Topshop, Topshop: Because one isn't enough. [Racked]

Brit Top: Christopher Baily for Burberry wins the British Fashion Award for menswear over Alexander McQueen and Cassette Playa. [VogueUK]

High / Low Tops: Herringbone and wingtip Chucks? See. Believe. [Uncrate]