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Five Upgrades to Your Shaving Arsenal

  • Caitlin Ganswindt

1001KMT_Hed_Updated With the onset of October, fall is looming close. Here at Kempt, that means serious prep work: we’re rewaxing our canvas, lacing up our boots and pressing our finest woolen suits.

With our wardrobes on lockdown, we’d be remiss to overlook the necessary tools required for managing autumnal facial scruff.

However tempting it may be to simply grab a Bic and proceed, there’s a whole slew of grooming excellence out there to consider. We’re here to help you navigate.

Herewith, five upgrades to your shaving arsenal...»

It’s a Bottle Opener... and Closer

  • Najib Benouar

Bottle opener

We have it on good authority that you’re going to be in need of a bottle opener this weekend...

A solid bottle opener has to do one thing really well: open your beer bottle. Anything after that is just bells and whistles—the scrimshaw handle or the lucky deer’s foot—unless, of course, you’ve got a Monopol Hermetus that’s just landed at Kaufman Mercantile.

It’s got the “opening bottles” thing down, but a neat trick is that the handle slides snugly onto your bottle top, sealing off your beer. Meaning that if you’re manning the grill and need to set your beer down in an area highly prone to tipping over, you’re not spilling a drop. (It also comes in handy for keeping large-format beers fresh over a prolonged tasting session.) Plus, if you need to step away from your bottle for a quick dip, you’ll know which one was yours when you return.

Take a look at the Hermetus in action, after the jump.»