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Jessica Paré Didn’t See You There

  • Najib Benouar

Jessica Parevia GQ

All Roads Lead to Kempt: Complex puts together an impressive flowchart infographic to help you decide which blogs you should be reading. (Naturally, you’re already where you need to be.) [Complex]

Listen Up: Hypebeast catches up with Glenn O’Brien. Sage advice ensues. [Hypebeast]

We Have Liftoff: Save yourself a trip to Mars and check out this slideshow of installation artist Tom Sachs’s latest exhibit. [Selectism]

Getting Schooled: Where you went to school may actually affect more than just what color your repp tie should be. [The Atlantic]

Karolina Kurkova Is Unconvincing in Drag

He’s Not Happy: Sculptor Tom Sachs has a surprising amount to say about fashion. The money quote: “Fashion is conformity and part of a community, style is a personal expression.” [AnOther Magazine]

The New Hotness: The mechanics of attraction, courtesy of OkCupid. [Gizmodo]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Winning at Darts: It’s not the greatest game, but it might be the greatest bar game. [The Art of Manliness]

When You Were Young: Keith Phipps looks at three movies starring the young Jeff Bridges. Prime Netflix fodder. [A.V. Club]