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Olga Estupinan is Multifaceted

Woodgrains of the World Unite!: Giz drops an apt manifesto on the problem with gadget design today, and how to make the world handsomer. [Gizmodo]

Magazine of the Day: Letter to Jane sounds like the coolest new magazine in quite some time…if only we had an iPad. [PSFK]

Buyer Beware: Here’s a cautionary tale: If you buy an idyllic Honduran beach house, you may discover too late that it comes with an unlimited supply of free cocaine. So, you know, watch out for that. [World Hum]

Wise Up: Tommy Wiseau, auteur of The Room and modern day Ed Wood, blesses AskMen with 10 tips on shooting a sex scene. It doubles as ten ways to make your interviewer uncomfortable. [AskMen]