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That’s My Shirt


There’s a proud tradition of women looking damn good in menswear, from Marlene Dietrich to the current flood of “borrowed” Barbour jackets. It’s outdoorsy anti-fashion, a poke at gender roles, and generally the most excited you’ve ever been to see an oxford shirt. Naturally, we approve.

Tomboy Style has been rounding up the best instances for more than a year now, and all that toil has finally landed them a book deal with Rizzoli to round up the best tomboys the world has ever seen. It won’t be out until Spring ’12, but we’d like to put in an early request for more Chan Marshall.

Wednesday's Women: Tomboys, Fillies and Crazies


Blessed Virgin: Just to clean your palette, here's Adriana Lima - maidenhead possibly not included. [Gawker]

"Pull your skirt down, Secretariat, we'd rather ride Chris Noth." Maxim shouts what we've been too polite to say. [NY Daily News]

This is How We Do It: Menswear may change, but men don't - or at least not so much. [London Times]

That's "Sir Jasper" To You: Brit designer Jasper Conran gets his O.B.E. from H.R.H. [Times of London]

For The Boys: The Observer details this new "urbane tomboys" trend. Funny, we've been dating them since the mid-90s. [Observer]

Crazy Eyes: Meanwhile, Details accounts for the rest of the notches on our bedpost. We still have nightmares. [Details]

Cleveland Rocks: Wrath Arcane represents Mistake by the Lake. [Plain Dealer]