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It’s a Wash


Style rules are made to be broken, but we expected the one about water and leather to last just a little bit longer…

The folks at Seattle’s Blackbird just turned us on to an interesting trick for turning crisp leather jackets into something a little bit more interesting. Apparently ten minutes in a bathtub followed by a few days drying out in a closet can create interesting wrinkles, rich dye patterns and a generally fascinating item of clothing.

Blackbird details the process here, but they’re also offering the jacket at left as part of an unauthorized collab with Tim Hamilton—one of the more intriguing ideas to come out of a boutique this year, if we may say so. The two thousand dollar price tag makes us more enthusiastic about taking to our bathtub, but there’s a few caveats to consider: 1) If it’s not premium leather, you’ll risk a little cracking and 2) You may be in for the weirdest tub rings you’ve ever seen.

And if you happen to like the jacket the way it is…you should probably sleep on it.

The Checks of Summer


There are a lot of different opinions as to the perfect summer shirt—a bleach-white t-shirt is perennially strong candidate, for instance—but for our money, it’s hard to do better than gingham.

This gauzy Tim Hamilton version is just about perfect. The large-check pattern keeps things from getting too businesslike, and enhances the general picnic mood. We’d check to make sure you won’t clash with your picnic blanket…but otherwise we’d say you’re pretty much set for the next four months.

We could stand a short-sleeved version too, but you can always roll them up in an emergency.

Man Hugs, Man Bags and Mendes


Our Girl Friday: We don't know if Eva Mendes posed for these shots before going into rehab and, frankly, we don't care. [Maxim]

The Queen and The Princess: Carla Bruni visits England, making every first lady in history look downright homely in the process. [Telegraph UK]

San Francisco Treat: A brief and stylish tour of Fog City. [Refinery29]

Brotherly Love: We're not sure if we believe in "bromance," but we are sure we love ya, dude. [Men.Style]

"What's In Your Manbag?": Excuse me, it's a European men's carryall, okay? [Guardian UK]

Buying in Bulk: Shoppers snatch up Tim Hamilton shirts 20 at a time. Look for them soon on superfuture and eBay. [Racked]

Big in Japan


Tim Hamilton does Uniqlo

In the tight circle of New York designers and the rising tide of young, American menswear creators, indie comer Tim Hamilton is a clear standout. As well, his limited collaboration with Uniqlo, the Japanese superstore that has also recently worked with Loden Dager, is a far cry from the designer-stamped wears one might find at Target. In anticipation of the line's retail debut on Friday (show up early, guys) Hamilton gave us a handful of his precious minutes to explain the origin of the line, how it differs from his signature collection and his favorite Japanese dishes.

A conversation with Mr. Hamilton»

Glenn's New Gig, On Point in Brooklyn and The Body's Youth Movement


Creative Direction: GQ's beloved Style Guy settles in behind his new desk. "Mazeltov." says us. [WWD]

All Points East: Our favorite fashion adventurers head to the distant, savage shores of Greenpoint. [Refinery29]

Mating Habits: While Petra Nemcova surprises no one by taking up with Sean Penn, Elle "The Body" Macpherson (born March 29, 1963), keeps us guessing by with a possible link to Julian Schnabel's 21-year-old son. Insert joke about cougars and High-School daydreams here. [Style Dash]

Local Boys Big in Japan: Kempt faves Loden Dager preview their Uniqlo designs with a Tim Hamilton collection on the way. [Racked]

Puff's Revenge: Mr. Combs will be sending Ms. Lopez Sean John baby clothes for her newly arrived twins. This is no way to treat the woman who helped you stash your piece from the cops. [Media Outrage]

Bidding War: Our guess; this is as close as you'll get to getting under Kiera Knightly's skirt. [Clothes Off Our Back]

Hush Puppies: Now that German police dogs have shoes, it will harder than ever to convince them that they're not people. [AP]

Hold Your Breath: That Hedi Slimane/LVMH joint venture is looking more and more like a reality - knock on wood. [Thread Trend]

Fashion Week Hangover #1


With blisters on our feet and a thousand-yard stare in our eyes, we have returned from the trenches of New York Fashion Week with a mix of expected news and intriguing surprises. Kicking away the dull, the fey and the Sean Jean, we've complied a week-long mini countdown of the top ten collections for the Kempt man (hint: that's you).

10. Tim Hamilton:

We'd never want to give you the impression that Tim Hamilton is anything less than the genuine article—a young talent with a true, original voice. That said, the Kempt man had best tread lightly through this collection of organza shorts, Autobahn-inspired jumpers and suits with sweatpant ankles. There's a lot to pick and choose here, but much of it is best viewed on others. It's inspiring stuff, but a risk to buy. [Men.Style]

And #9 is...»

Revenge of the 70s, Uomo Updates and Vested Interests

The Beatles

"More Paul Glaser Than David Soul": Critics drop "Starsky and Hutch" references as Italians channel the 70s yet again. [Telegraph UK]

Croc Hunters: According to the Japanese government, Crocs are unsafe—thus are last year's Uggs stripped of their singular redeeming value. [Mindblogging Stuff]

Hissy Fits: Dudes, chill—_Men's Vogue_ is more of a corporate hobby than a real mag anyways. [Daily News]

We Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch: Apropos of nothing, fun-loving, sepia-toned nudity. [Style Dash]

Suicide Blonde: Amy Winehouse and peroxide—it was only a matter of time. [Hating It Magazine]

Ciao!: Pitti Uomo coverage worth running through Bablefish. [PittiBlog]

In The Trenches: Izzy brings this cropped, high-collar number to our attention. [Manolo for The Men]

Pop In: Racked checks Trovata's back room at Ernest Sewn. [Racked]

The Quiet One: Seems George Harrison liked to dress up in his old Beatles costumes—well, come on, wouldn't you? [Thaindian News]

In Vest: Gawker learns what we've known all along—David Coleman is making it safe for men to wear clothes. This week, he introduces us to this new "vest" thing. [Gawker]

Deal Alert: Tim Hamilton sample sale begins Saturday. [Marc & Dolce]

Passing Showers: Maybe Vincent Gallo and Terry Richardson can "make it rain"—but nothing, nothing could ever wash them clean. [Hypebeast]