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Timepiece Tuesday: Filson Gets into the Watch Game

Timepiece Tuesday: Filson Gets into the Watch Game

Filson has prided itself on making “unfailing goods” since the day they began making blankets for Klondike explorers in 1897. But not until now have any of those goods included watches. So they teamed up with the new torchbearers of American watchmaking, Shinola, to launch their very first watch collection—consisting of field watches, GMTs and chronographs strapped in their legendarily rugged bridle leathers and tin cloth.

They aren’t shipping until March, but we’ve got your preview here:

Timepiece Tuesday: The Best New Watches at NY Market Week

Timepiece Tuesday: The Best New Watches at NY Market Week

It’s market week here in New York—a time for buyers to stock their shops, a time for editors to take the pulse of the upcoming season and a time for general menswear camaraderie. We saw plenty of good stuff on the showroom floors (stay tuned for more on that tomorrow) but since it’s Tuesday, we begin by focusing on all the handsome new watches.

A look at the best new wrist candy coming down the pipeline:

Timepiece Tuesday: The Montblanc e-Strap


There’s no denying the elegance of a traditional timepiece—which is why most die-hard watch enthusiasts have sworn off even the mere thought of switching to a smartwatch, regardless of the technological advantages.

But the impasse might be over thanks to Montblanc’s newly unveiled e-Strap, a NATO-strap-esque watch band that allows you to wear a mechanical watch while hiding away all of the touchscreen gadgetry under your wrist.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we.»

Timepiece Tuesday: Own Burt Reynolds’s Watches


It would seem that Burt Reynolds has decided to clear out his garage, possibly in order to pay for it—and the rest of his defaulted $15 million home in Florida—resulting in a real treasure trove of Hollywood memorabilia hitting the auction block next week.

An Emmy, a couple Golden Globes, a helmet from The Longest Yard and a few good-looking watches...

Yep, we sifted through Burt’s art, trophies and assorted ephemera to find five great timepieces that you could snag at auction prices.

Let’s take a look, shall we...»

Timepiece Tuesday: Field Watches


On Veterans Day, we’re reminded of the great contributions our servicemen have made over the years.

Not only to our nation, but also to the way we dress—from peacoats to desert boots to the venerable field watch.

And since it happens to be Tuesday, we’re taking a closer look at the best of the handsomely utilitarian watches—inspired by the timepieces issued to officers in the field since World War I—on the market today...»