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Menswear and the Time 100

Time unveiled their Top 100 fashion icons today, and it’s ugly stuff. Of the full 100, there are about 10 gentlemen whose wardrobe we’d actually like to dig into. Unfortunately, it’s not all James Dean...

It’s not that the list is bad, exactly. It’s just the latest in a long line of stodgy fashion pieces that completely ignore menswear. It’s enough to make you think the last 10 years never happened...

Naturally, we’ve got a few rejoinders»

Ashley Olsen Just Fired Her Agent


Act Naturally: Erin Wasson just landed a part in Sofia Coppola’s next flick playing “Party Girl #1.” We’re guessing she’s got a lot of research ahead of her. [The Cut]

Don’t Hate, Appreciate: National Art Hate Week draws to a close, and Julian Schnabel is allowed to show his face once more. [BlackBook]

Looped In: An interview with Armando Iannucci of In the Loop. [Vulture]

Think of it as Belly Spanx: A Time correspondent braves the world of male girdles. [Time]

Grate Shoes, Great Retail & Bar Refaeli


Raising The Bar: Bar Refaeli taps Tommy Hilfiger to launch a new television project. Funny, we can’t even notice him in half the photos. [InStyle]

The High Low: Our pal Mordechai Rubinstein finds one of NYC’s most tred-upon icons resting gently on the toe of luxury. [Men’s Vogue]

Draper’s Exclusive Club: As if we need another excuse to plug Mad Men, the crazy cats at Canadian Club (a fellow publication astutely points out this Don Draper fave) ring in their 150th birthday with a special vintage. [Men.Style]

Rogue Agent: The saga continues with an expanded collection, retails space and inspiration for Maine’s main men’s attraction, Rogues Gallery [Time]