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The Rules of the Slipper


To add our two cents to the furious slipper debate currently raging through the blogoverse, we’d like to direct your attention to these deerskin mocs from Thurlow.

On the face of them, they don’t have a lot in common with the Hefner-esque velvet slipper they’re pondering at Esquire, except that they’re both handsome, well-made items that don’t quite qualify as shoes.

It’s as if you’re putting extremely beautiful bags around your feet. In the comfort of your own home—or perhaps your own yard—you’re free to indulge your eccentricity. But once you step into the social world, people might begin to wonder why you’re not wearing any shoes.

This sounds as if we’re knocking slippers, but we’re honestly not. They’re like tank tops: not bad in and of themselves, but likely to cause bad behavior. Approach with caution.