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The Power of Flannel


There’s a lot to love about fall style—including the mysterious art of layering—but our favorite perk comes from the simplest item in our closet: the flannel shirt.

Granted, we’re in the midst of a full scale plaid overload, but for this, we’re willing to make an exception. As you can see from the latest Band of Outsiders offering, the checks might get a little larger this year, and the colors a little less flashy, but otherwise nothing’s changed. It’s warm, it’s utilitarian, and it’s classic enough to remain unchanged since the Eisenhower days without ever seeming retro.

Unis also makes a great fine-combed version for more formal occasions (or if you feel like throwing on a wool tie), but you can find some surprisingly handsome and surprisingly cheap items trolling through your local vintage shop. Good hunting.

The Anonymous Dutch Blogger Dances to Anonymous Dutch Music


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Spreading Cheer


Fashion Week isn’t all glitz...although there’s plenty of it to go around. The outerwear marque Mackage has teamed with the New York thrift store Housing Works to organize a coat drive coinciding with the annual fashionfest.

It’s fitting enough, since the festivities should inspire a lot of people to ditch their older gear, but Mackage is hoping it inspires them to pick some up too. They’re also auctioning off three coats (two female, one male) to raise funds for the drive. The men's coat can be found here, and while the bidding’s still just getting started, we’d guess it should buy more than a few wraps for the city’s less fortunate residents. As a bonus, it’s signed by actor and recent off-broadway star Peter Sarsgaard…

…which we guess makes it more valuable?