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Summer of Vintage Love

  • Najib Benouar

The vintage shop beat can be more trouble than it’s worth if you’re not looking in the right places.

One of our favorite places to look: the Brooklyn-based Wooden Sleepers. And they’ve just replenished their stock (both dead and vintage) on Etsy—just in time for your summer weekending to come. It’s a kaleidoscope of vintage anoraks, tassel loafers and brass bookends, so we thought we’d help you wade through the well-curated bins with a look at some of their best new offerings after the jump.

Let’s get vintage-ing, shall we?»

Chloë Sevigny Is Glad You Like Her Dungeon

Nice Wallpaper

The It Woman: Kim Gordon interviews Chloë Sevigny about thrifting, transsexuals and generally being cool. [Interview]

Enduring Style: Cary Randolph Fuller tracks down Gary Cooper’s daughter for one of the better vintage style pieces you’ll read this year. [RL Magazine]

I Am the Pirate King: The Kim Dotcom profile you’ve been waiting for. A highlight: he owned a life-size statue of the Predator (from Predator). [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Rough Business: A 95-year-old socialite has died at a Fashion Week show. [The Atlantic]

Bowling Alleys are More Exciting than we had Previously Thought

That “Vote or Die” Stuff Still Applies: Your guide to finding a polling place and rocking your particular section of the vote. Duty calls. [Lifehacker]

Heavy Thrifting: Jesse Thorn runs down the best suit and sport coat brands for eBay hunting. Our only head-scratcher: Apparently Paul Stuart beats out Brooks Brothers? [Put This On]

The (Belated) Fear: This one’s late, but still fascinating. Behold, Martin Scorcese’s 11 favorite horror movies. [The Daily Beast]

Keep Calm and Carry On: A new photoblog takes pictures of whatever's in the subject's pockets. In general, it feels like people are carrying too much. [The Bengal Stripe]

Iza Olak is a Child of Nature


A Roll in the Grass: The Danes put together a pretty good editorial when they want to. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Frozen Yogurt: A Google pro promises Android will “blow your mind” in the next six months. Presumably with a vocoder solo. [Gizmodo]

Taggers: A rundown on some of Americana’s more interesting garment tags. [Archival Clothing]

Brooklyn’s the Borough: For its 127th birthday, all the pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge you will ever desire. [Secret Forts]

The Skulls


Thrift has been making a serious comeback lately, so the piggy bank seems poised for a revival. But we may still have a few kinks to work out…

This porcelain coin bank puts a refined (if somewhat goth) face on the practice of saving change, but there’s a slight problem. For one, it will run your tab up almost $300. And for another, if you ever plan on getting those coins back, you’ll have to smash poor Yorick to pieces. Since the headpiece only holds about fifty bucks in coins, we’re projecting a $250 shortfall.

Maybe regular banks aren't so bad after all.