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Tee It Forward

  • Najib Benouar

It’s always heartening when someone puts their name on the line to help others—but even more so when we see it happen in the fashion industry.

Case in point: one of our favorite menswear designers (and all-around stand-up guy) Todd Snyder got together with the charitable shirt company Threadless and used his CFDA-certified cred to convince Gap to produce a limited run of tees designed by emerging artists—giving them some well-deserved shine on a national level. It’s not often you see the big fish swimming with the little guys, but when Mr. Snyder is involved, good things happen. He’s curating the interactive pop-up shop in NYC, but if you can’t make it in, you can also find all of the shirts online here.

You’ve always considered yourself a patron of the arts.

No Logo


The Threadless culture has inspired a lot of innovation, but there’s also been a wash of half-baked and out-and-out lazy designs letting a square inch of embroidery substitute for an actual idea. The most recent offender? Attus Prep.

We Are the Market big-upped these polos, but they’re just standard issue catalog-wear with an “edgy” symbol—a mohawked punk, a 40 oz bottle, a stripper on a pole—stitched where the usual polo player or seagull would go.

There’s a press packet, a few choice anti-establishment quotes, and logos to spare. If they just had some clothes, they might have something.

Cross the Tees


The art tee business is getting pretty crowded, and new ideas are always in short supply. An outfit called The Affair has come up with one: limited editions.

This tee comes out of a closed batch of two hundred…impressive until you realize that the Threadless print runs aren’t that much larger. They just have the foresight to call the number up front, and stick to their guns when it sells out early. It’s the same gimmick that lets Shepard Fairey sell an Obama poster 350 times and the gallery owners of the world grab a slightly bigger piece of the pie.

If they’re going to be *art* tees, it’s time they started acting like it.