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Amy Zeilon Has Stolen Your Curtains

You Nice: OEN sits down with Eunice Lee (of Unis) on the opening of her LA shop. Apparently, she’s working on adding denim and underwear to her repertoire. We can’t wait. [OEN]

Thom Thom Club: Thom Yorke offers up two new tracks for Rag & Bone’s runway shows. We assume he got store credit for this. [Consequence of Sound]

The Zen of Tech: A graphic novel/web video looking at Steve Jobs’s studies with a Zen Buddhist priest. A must-read. [Boing Boing]

The Green Spider: Ladies and gentlemen, a lime green 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Spider. [Driven]

Alyssa Miller is Not Going Any Further Until You Take Off Your Socks

New Yorke: In today’s mind-blowing music news, Thom Yorke is making an album with MF Doom. Suddenly, the dancing video makes more sense. [NME]

The Most Times You Will See The Word “Carrot” All Week: Antenna calls out a “carrot-shaped” trend in men’s pants. We either need a better trend or a better name. [Antenna]

Bandanathon 2011: Say what you will about the internet, but it’s pretty consistently provided us with handsome pictures of bandanas. [Cork Grips]

What’s For Pie: Chicken Pot Pie: literally and metaphorically very hot right now. [NYTimes]

The Basement Tapes


The word “effortless” gets tossed around a lot, but when you’re putting out a TV show from your basement, you’ve probably earned it. Producer/mastermind Nigel Godrich (the genius behind Radiohead's *OK Computer*) has been doing just that for most of 2007, and after a year of limbo they’re finally making it to the small screen.

Godrich started putting episodes on his website more than a year ago »

Box-Ing Day

  • Jared Paul Stern

Elvis Costello

When it's this wintry outside, the best thing to do is grab your girl and a bottle of the good stuff and just stay home for once with some great tunes. Thankfully three of the most stylish men in music—two living and one, alas, dead—have obliged with a trio of need-to-hear new box sets: Elvis Costello (pictured), Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and Nick Drake, who overdosed in 1974.

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