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Icon: The Strokes

The Strokes

Once upon a time, someone could say the word “rock star,” and you would immediately get a mental picture of what that looked like. Dark shades. A leather jacket. Impossibly tight pants. All hung on a skinny, heroin-addict-y, borderline-malnourished frame.

Yeah, it was pretty great.

But at some point in the ’90s, rock stars... well, stopped being rock stars. They either looked like off-duty grad students (Radiohead, Weezer) or guys who spent too much time in the weight room (Limp Bizkit and so on). Bono cut his hair, the Rolling Stones became an oldies show, and grunge passed its expiration date.

But somewhere, in a dark NYC basement, the Strokes got together and changed everything...»

Gentlemanly Poets, Charting the Strokes and Buzz Bissinger Goes Off the Shallow End

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The Strokes

Cultured Club: The three poets every man should read, courtesy of Barack Obama’s inaugural poet Richard Blanco and Men’s Journal.

Different Strokes: Grantland tracks the career arc of the Strokes as they release their latest album (coincidentally, a Spring Must-Have).

Gucci Main: Buzz Bissinger, Friday Night Lights author, delves into his deepest, darkest, shallowest obsession: Gucci.

“In” Box: Men’s Health makes the case for upgrading your digital lifestyle the same way you would your clothes and furniture.

Gisele Stole that Jacket From a Biker

Stroke by Stroke: An all-access history of the Strokes, including some pretty interesting soul searching about First Impressions of Earth. Those kids are going places. [Pitchfork]

Wire Yourselves: Apparently our beloved Iditarod has been wired for GPS. [Engadget]

The Square End: Your new source for knit ties. They’re more whimsical than professorial. [Bengal Stripe]

Come Out and Play: A.O. Scott sinks his teeth into The Warriors. Nicely done. [NYTimes]