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Gisele's Moneymaker, Personally Crafted Suits In The Works, And That Guy


This Is Madness!: No. This is Gisele. And yes, she does make more money than you do. She is, after all, much prettier. [Forbes]

A Time For Peace, A Time To Buy Clothes: Here’s when and how far in advance you should be having your tailor made clothing, well, tailor made. Looks like we’re already a year behind for this year’s fashion. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

The Selby: This new gem of a site allows you to see interesting people in their natural habitat. Kind of like the discovery channel. [A Continuous Lean]

New Look, Classic Scenery The Yoko Devereaux show at the Classic Car Club inspired some new looks in an old place. Here’s the summary from a familiar face. [Refinery 29]

Are You That Guy?: Given that you read our blog, we certainly hope not. []