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Dasha Z Wants You to Look at Her Differently

  • Kempt Staff

The Breasted NFL Uniform: Miraculously, the National Football League has found a new revenue source, according to the Times. [NY Times]

Handsome Weaponry: In anticipation of BBC America’s new series Copper (think NYPD Blue circa 1862), BuzzFeed presents “The Most Badass Weapons of the Nineteenth Century.” What is a Harmonica pistol, you ask? [BuzzFeed]

Royal Style: Prince Harry made Vanity Fair’s 2012 International Best-Dressed List. (Has he been trying too hard to do so, though? More on this later...) [Vanity Fair]

King Costas: The London 2012 Olympics were the most watched event in history. How’s that feel, #NBCFail? [Deadline]

Amber Heard Is Expecting Afternoon Showers

  • Kempt Staff

Amber Heardvia GQ UK

There’s an Aperol for That: The Times reports on the latest aperitif to take the cocktail world by storm—and how you’ll harness its powers. [NY Times]

High and Not Dry: Take swimming to a new level in these high-rise (often cantilevered) pools from around the world. [Flavorpill]

Brace Yourself, America: For Ryan Lochte, superstar. And here’s his first IMDb-able out-of-pool performance. [Vanity Fair]

Bourne Again: For those of you who plan on seeing the new Jeremy Renner Bourne movie this weekend, but have a Matt Damon Bourne-like memory affliction, here’s a cheat sheet. [Vulture]

Icon: Baseball, Apple Pie and Bob Costas’s Face

If this ever-changing world in which we live in makes you give in and cry, just turn on NBC and sooner or later you’ll be greeted with a familiar face from a simpler time. We're referring, of course, to the curious case of Bob Costas's visage.

As we’ve attempted to illustrated in the above timeline, the man has indeed aged over the last thirty years—one might even say significantly so of late. But it's hard to put a finger on where and how this aging has occurred. There's surely been help along the way in the form of botulism injections, award-winning hair colorists and layers of various caked-on concealers. But nothing seems different, which we suppose is the point.

Beneath it all is simply a boy who loves baseball (and Michael Phelps)...»

The Fastest Watch on Earth

  • Najib Benouar

Something curious we’ve noticed during the Olympics: wrists adorned with watches during competition. It seems counterintuitive that anyone trying to squeeze every last drop out of their performance would wear something that could potentially slow them down—or in the case of Kerri Walsh-Jennings, misguide a bump—in the heat of battle.

But here’s one that probably didn’t play much of a factor, aside from adding some extra flash to Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake’s 100m dash: a yellow, black and green Richard Mille Tourbillon. These timepieces/cutting-edge feats of horology are so light, Rafael Nadal wears one while playing tennis (in an endorsement deal similar to Blake’s)—which also must come in handy on match nights when being punctual for dinner reservations is more important than a win. Even though Yohan didn’t outrun his superhuman training-mate Usain Bolt (who ran watchless), Blake’s silver medal still crowns this watch as the fastest across the finish line.

And there’s no doubt it will fetch more than its weight in gold.

The Unkempt Prince

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it in a slightly less dickish way once, and we’ll say pretty much the same thing once again: Prince William looks like an associate at a top private equity firm.

The only difference is that associates at top private equity firms know that male pattern baldness, when on display, must be taken high and tight. And they know that this is not up for debate.

Now we will bow to you and be on our way.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Mayor Boris Johnson

He may very well be the least athletic man in all of London this week, but Mayor Boris Johnson is our pick for breakout star of the 2012 games.

There’s a whole lot to love about this guy: the foppish mop of impossibly blond hair, the eternally optimistic grin, the Buster Keaton–esque stunts—we’re on board for all of it.

Here he is celebrating England’s first gold medal yesterday by fearlessly taking the maiden voyage on Victoria Park’s new zipline, which lost the entirety of its zip halfway through the mayor’s passage. Witnesses report that Johnson spent nearly five minutes suspended in the air waving two British flags and leading the adoring audience below in celebratory song.

Tremendous, Mr. Mayor. A little short of superb, perhaps, but on cracking form. Don’t change a thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Other Dream Team

  • Najib Benouar

An ungodly amount of ink has been spilled over Olympic style on and off the podium already—especially at the expense of US swimmer Ryan Lochte. (We’re inclined to give the guy a break—we should be rooting for our countrymen, not tearing them down.) But we couldn’t resist mentioning the gloriously tie-dyed 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team, dubbed “The Other Dream Team.” Yes, that really is officially sponsored tie-dyed gear. Yes ,those are fanny packs. And yes, those are bronze medals they’re collecting in Barcelona—sharing the same podium as our fabled champs. The story is the stuff of legend (and a Sundance-darling film). A rag-tag bunch of athletes from a country only two years removed from the iron grip of the Soviet Union who were in danger of not even going to the Olympics until The Grateful Dead swooped in with a last-minute sponsorship (which should explain the tie-dye and dunking skeleton on their warm-ups) and who, against all odds, won a seemingly unattainable medal—uplifting a small, wayward nation in the process. This is exactly why we watch the Olympics every four years.

Elle Liberachi Is Not Liberace

  • Kempt Staff

via GQ UK

The Game On Lochte: Dissecting the “hip-hop tropical frat boy” look of American Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte. [The Atlantic]

Like A Boss: Cool Hunting hits the track with the recently resurrected Ford Mustang Boss 302. Burnt rubber ensues. [Cool Hunting]

The Full Montenegro: A big part of the Olympics is the playing of the winners’ national anthems—but what if the songs themselves had to compete against one another? Grantland puts all 203 to the test. [Grantland]

No Alibi: For some unfathomable reason, Sperry thought it was a good idea to make croc-skin shoes with gold-plated eyelets. (And hawk them for a grand.) [Put This On]

Dasha Heard the Opening Ceremony Was Going to Be Very Pastoral

  • Kempt Staff

via FGR

Cheers, Mate: The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games will be on tv tonight, and the hospitable gents at GQ UK have come up with a drinking game for your viewing pleasure. (Just replace BBC with NBC and Boris Johnson with Ryan Seacrest.) [GQ UK]

Glimpsing the Future: The US has been forced to watch the opening ceremony on delayed telecast, but for those who’d like to get a sneak preview, CNN has been photo-blogging live. [CNN]

But Don’t Yell at the Fern: The 10 rules to live by when cheering your way through the Olympics. [Buzzfeed]

Leaps and Bounds: Gear Patrol lists the top 10 tech innovations happening at the Summer Games, from the track surfaces to the robotic cameras. [GearPatrol]

The Gear You Need to Compete Like an Olympian

  • Najib Benouar

The 2012 Summer Games are finally here—which is also good news for the weekend warriors of the world.

Every four years, a new crop of high-tech sports gear is unveiled after spending the past four years in the lab. Luckily, most of it is made available to the public for any rec-league or interoffice battles happening on basketball courts, running tracks, archery ranges and badminton fields across this country. So we rounded up the best of the new stuff for your competitive–edge-advancing needs.

Herewith, all the shoes, bows and swimsuits designed to give mere mortals an Olympian edge.»

Icon: Mark Spitz

  • Najib Benouar

There’s nothing like a living legend. And with the Olympics ramping up, we thought we’d pay tribute to nine-time Olympic gold medalist and ’70s poster boy Mark Spitz.

In today’s era of swimming, it’s all about drag-reducing sleekness—rubber caps, shaving from head to toe, shark-skin-inspired swimsuits—so it’s surprising to look back at photos of Spitz’s record-shattering run at the 1972 Games in Munich and see him dominate the field with a mop-top of hair and mustache. There’s something mystical about his confidence and unwillingness to sacrifice his personal style in hopes of shaving off a few tenths of a second on his times. It’s a ’70s swagger that he carried throughout his youth (sadly, he recently ditched the ’stache) and we’d like to applaud it.

So, without further ado, an appreciation of one of the greatest Olympians to ever don the red, white and blue, in six iconic photos.»

Supporting America

  • Najib Benouar

In our ongoing countdown to the Summer Games (we’re roughly 52 hours out from the opening ceremonies, for those keeping score), we’ve got your American-made Team USA supporting polos, cardigans and sweatshirt from the newest American-made stalwarts at American Giant. There’s nothing “fancy” or “officially licensed” about this stuff, but it’s a nice subtle way to pledge your allegiance during the next month of international battle.

Plus, they won’t look out of date come fall, or next spring, either.

The Olympics of Yore

  • Najib Benouar

This snap comes from a collection of action shots The New Yorker has dug up from the early days of the Olympics circa 1908-1924. It was a much simpler time back then, when the referees wore three-piece suits, athletes had day jobs and someone could win the marathon even after falling repeatedly, running in the wrong direction and being helped across the finish line by “a megaphone-toting man in a boater.” Friday can’t come soon enough.

Anais Pouliot’s Life Is a Highway

  • Kempt Staff

Cap It Off: Legions of menswear enthusiasts have descended upon NYC for the Capsule show, and Cool Hunting has some early pictures of the action. [Cool Hunting]

No Homonym: Two shadowy figures whose names sound identical have entered the pop culture fray. Here’s an easy chart to help differentiate between Bain Capital and the Batman villain Bane. [NYMag]

Who’s the Boss: A (very) long-form ode to Bruce Springsteen, still rocking hard at 62. [New Yorker]

That New Banksy: Even a counterculture street artist can get excited about hosting the Summer Olympics. [Hypebeast]