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The Milkmaid


Usually we share items because they’re handsome and useful, but this is flat out one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen.

Based on Vermeer’s “Het Melkmeisje,” this ceramic… item is, well… exactly what it looks like. It was commissioned by the Dutch Souvenier Project to capture the Low Countries’ unique mix of high culture and carnal pleasures.

If you were wondering about the cork at the bottom (we certainly were), you’re supposed to fill it with either hot water of ice water, depending on your tastes.

Also of journalistic note: it curves slightly to the left. That is all.

Paper Tiger


Disposable bags are none too popular these days, so it makes sense that we’d gradually replace them with more durable versions. Still, we’re a little surprised leather is getting so popular.

This faux-paper bag comes all the way from Rotterdam, which is far enough from Japan that we imagine they haven’t heard of this similar Postalco folder. As it turns out, the right dyes can make leather a pretty good sub for paper, and a more durable one at that.

Just don’t leave either of them in the rain.

Kiss and Teller


Marc Jacobs’ favorite photographer is bringing out some new work to the Dutch gallery De Haan Haarlem, and lucky for us it found its way to the internet.

It’s a bit more abrasive than his ad work, naturally, but his absurdist streak is still alive and well. Our favorite—other than the pharmaceutical snap at left—poses the famous William Eggleston in a rural parking lot behind a grand piano. As homages go, that one takes a lot of brass—but apparently Eggleston liked the joke enough to play along.

If you find yourself in Haarlem (no, not Harlem), you should swing by.

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