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Sheridyn Fisher Is Staring into the Sun

  • Kempt Staff

More Bond News: Another leak from the Skyfall empire: this time Vulture has gotten a hold of the theme—voiced by Adele. [Vulture]

Peddling Smut: Some handsome Italian bicyclery, courtesy of Cinelli’s glossy new book. [Cool Hunting]

Water Gun: You’ve always wanted to see what it would actually look like if someone fired a handgun underwater? We thought so. [Notcot]

Fall for It: Esquire claims to have found every last shirt and tie you might need this fall. (We’ll see about that.) [Esquire]

Dusting Off: The Sitcom Theme Song

Ah, those were the days. Archie and Edith agreeing in song, “Gee, our old LaSalle ran great.”

We realize it’s a little odd to be waxing nostalgic about the Bunkers waxing nostalgic, but this much is certain: The All in the Family theme song—she wailing, he demonizing “the welfare state,” they embraced in the end over thunderous, authentic applause—had as much to do with setting the voice and tone of the working-class show as Meathead, George Jefferson and anti-Semitism. That’s because sitcom theme songs used to matter.

And that’s why we're dusting them off...»