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Icon: Romain Gallus

  • Geoff Rynex
Icon: Romain Gallus

There’s a story about Gianni Agnelli that the man reportedly hated. It goes that Agnelli, tipsy on Rossinis and wavering a bit in the Riviera sunlight, let his guard down just long enough for Romain Gallus to sneak over from his seat across the breakfast table and remove Agnelli’s watch. Gallus then placed the watch back on Agnelli, over his cuff. A French cuff, no less. Agnelli swore Gallus to secrecy—an oath that was never broken but by other people at the table that day.

Romain Gallus was the man behind the men. An editor-at-large in the publication of life and study in the art of keeping up the mystery.

Dusting Off: The Late-Night Sport Coat

  • Najib Benouar
Dusting Off: The Late-Night Sport Coat

All of a sudden, late-night television is exciting again. Jimmy Fallon has brought a renewed vigor to The Tonight Show. Stephen Colbert will be taking over for David Letterman later this year. Conan is... still Conan. And while the changing of the guard has been mostly a great thing, there’s still a certain je ne sais quoi these new guys are missing: the look. So, with today’s hosts playing it straight in a monotony of charcoals and navy blues, we’re here to say: it’s time to dust off the Late-Night Sport Coat.

Allow us to elaborate... Herrrre’s Johnny.

Doc Holliday Through the Years

  • Kempt Staff


Today would have been legendary gunslinger Doc Holliday’s 163rd birthday.

A legend that has no doubt been kept alive by countless movies and television portrayals of the Wild West over the past century or so. And by the many bold-faced names that have played his character—everyone from Val Kilmer to Willie Nelson to Kirk Douglas.

So we thought we’d take a look back at the best Doc Hollidays through the years...»

Icon: Andy Warhol

  • Najib Benouar


Take it from icons like Andy Warhol: sometimes all it takes is the right pair of frames and a leather jacket to turn a soft-spoken kid from Pittsburg into art’s biggest start.

And with the recent news that a trove of Warhol’s digital artwork has just been discovered by the Warhol Institute on old floppy disks—thanks in part to an inquisitive Warhol fan and a group of “retrocomputing” enthusiasts at Carnegie Mellon—we were reminded of just how darn stylish the guy was. (Well, he is a Kempt 100 inductee.) There are striped tees, trenches, slim ties with chore jackets... he might as well have just stepped out of a F/W 2014 lookbook in a few of these shots. In other words: it’s the definition of timeless style.

Take a closer look in five more iconic snaps of Andy Warhol, after the jump.»