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French Artists in 1899 Visualize the Year 2000

In preparation for the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris, a group of French artists were asked to create a series of futuristic pictures depicting life in the year 2000. For example, here we have a robotic tailor spitting out a sharp salmon dinner jacket for a customer based on measurements gathered from... well, your guess is as good as ours.

Let’s just say the absinthe was flowing steadily back in 1899...»

Susanne Diaz is in Repose

Happy Jacques: For Cousteau’s 100th birthday, Giz delivers an ode to the otherworldly pleasures of scuba diving. [Gizmodo]

Flower Power: Making the case for buttonhole flowers, particularly orange Zinnias. Not bad, sirs. [Fine and Dandy]

The Small Screen: On the off-chance you were looking for a place to watch World Cup games, here’s where they’ll be screening. [Lifehacker]

Also, Apes: We’ve seen the future, and it involves moving things around on screens with your fingers. [Fast Company]

Ms. Pinto, Mr. Farmer, and the Future of Style


Pinto-Sized: Frieda Pinto is chief among Slumdog Millionaire’s charms. [Complex]

Crystal Ball: AskMen tries its hand at predicting the future of menswear. Sadly, they don’t mention robot maids. [AskMen]

Traitor to the Living: Visionary hippie and all-around badass writer Philip Jose Farmer joins the obituary page. [Boing Boing]

On Demand: The Britons continue to lead the publishing world, giving bespoke magazines a try in a kiosk in Heathrow. [PSFK]

I’ve Seen the Future


If you’ve picked up this month’s GQ, you may have noticed a rare bit of prognosticating in the Editor’s Note. In case you haven’t, here’s the gist: With the help of a few well-chosen futurist, EiC Jim Nelson envisions a future of heavily-bearded, housebound, and impotent American men.

Leaving aside how he gets there, we aren’t sure how the beard ended up with such a bad rap. For Nelson, beards are a cipher for masculinity, not the genuine article, but he’s too heavily invested in his clean-shaven mug to see the truth. The mountain men are only gaining in strength, and the time will come when unkempt masculinity will rise up to displace the clean-shaven ideal that’s reigned for so long. (This may also coincide with all of us losing our jobs.) A few whiskers won’t make men any less virile, even if we need to trade razors for clippers and recalibrate our dopp kits.

Until then, if Nelson wants to see the future, he should visit Maine.

Space, Relics, and Wahlberg’s Type


In the Year 2000: Now that we think about it, what’s the holdup on space skiing? [Dark Roasted Blend]

Humble Beginnings: Art and porn continue their awkward flirtation. Hopefully the pizza boy will speed things up. [Wallpaper]

Penny For Your Thoughts: An old New York relic speaks up. [New York Observer]

Funky Bunch: Apparently Marky Mark prefers his girls a little thicker than Kate Moss. That doesn’t narrow it down very much. [The Cut]

In the Bubble


The American auto industry hasn’t been doing so well the last few decades, but we’re sure it’ll pull through. After all, it’s got American ingenuity on its side.

Take this bubble-top hot rod, for instance. There isn’t much in the way of trunkspace or a backseat, and we shudder to think of the fuel efficiency, but we’d take it in a drag race any day. According to eBay, it’s currently on the block for $71,000, but that’s a small price to pay for a piece of history.

If they hurry, we bet Ford could get this lined up for 2010.