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Ford on Film, Fashion Economy and More

Leading Man: Tom Ford settles into a black-teak, sable-fur-lined director's chair. {VogueUK]

Liberal Intelligentsia: The Economist creates its first fashion shoot for their spin-off fashion/lifestyle mag (which is apparently too cerebral for American consumption). [GuardianUK]

Resort Wear: The staff at the Beverly Hills Thompson Hotel will wear casual Jenni Kayne. Call us old fashioned, but we prefer our bellhops with white gloves and those little pillbox hats (makes them look more like monkeys). [The Daily Upgrade]

California Dealin': Just in case you thought we got no love for the West Coast… [BlogsIsWatching]

Style Warehouse: The Starrett-Lehigh on the West Side Highway may be impossible to get to by subway—but the lunchroom looks balance that out nicely. [NyMag]