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15 Cigarette Inventions That Didn’t Quite Stick

Nothing spawns innovation quite like a man’s vice, which is why we have off-track betting and interactive virtual masturbating devices. It’s also why a slew of patents were filed over the course of 75 years, all of which were designed to make cigarette smoking more... well, in many cases, just more. As such, we continue our report on the ridiculously fabulous golden age of the American smoker with:

15 Cigarette Inventions That Didn’t Quite Stick»

Naked Women and Existential Dread


The first crop of reviews for The American are coming in, and early signs indicate three of our favorite things: half-empty Italian villages, pervasive dread, and artfully framed European women unencumbered by clothing. (A recipe for success, if we ever heard one.) For the non film-majors, “Antonioni” is code for “long beautiful shots in which nothing happens”—but we don’t mind a little extra time to admire the scenery.