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Alexandre Mattiussi, Reagan-Era #Menswear and the Many Rituals of Coffee

  • Kempt Staff

80s Fashion

Beard Songs: The blokes over at GQ across the pond sit down with your new favo(u)rite French designer: Alexandre Mattiussi.

Reaganistos: Details finds some #menswear inspiration by looking back to the 1980s.

So Out: Good or bad news, depending on whether you enjoyed braving the throngs of rabid shoppers on Fashion’s Night Out: it’s officially been canceled by the powers that be. (Anna Wintour.)

Getting Coffee: Gear Patrol interviews 15 gentlemen of note—from bloggers to Buster Bluth—on their coffee rituals.

The Icon: The Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Spending three decades in the public eye is no easy thing, especially when you’re lashed to a scene as ephemeral as old-school rap or hardcore punk. Or both. So we’d like to raise a glass to the Boys of Beastie, who have weathered the storm better than anyone could have expected, and emerged in the 21st century as models for what hip, punk-inflected 40-year-olds look like. Here are five high points, for your perusal.

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Details is Slowly Turning into Playboy

Good For Fishing: Barbour takes a walk on the salmon-colored side. [Mister Crew]

Going Viral: The Quarterly digs up a 70s boat ad, memorably titled “You and Your Johnson.” [The Q]

The Hot New Look: The hot new look is mustachioed city bus drivers circa 1988, possibly with jheri curls. Brush up on it here. [Wired]

The Most Rugged Fabric: Ladies and gentlemen, here is a leather jacket made of wood. Please, hold your applause until the end. [Oddity Central]

The 80s Were a Magical Time


We ran across these retro kicks at today’s Compass Show (more on that tomorrow), taken from the newly revived Pony marque. Circa 1982, these were on the feet of a good portion of New York, and after fading into the background for much of the 90s and 00s, they’re getting back to what they do best: gloriously retro kicks, perfect for the next time you’ve got a game of pick-up basketball or you need to explain the four elements to someone. For extra credit: the framed picture back there is a vintage ad with the champion Leon Spinks, whose career followed a similar trajectory…

A Healthy Glow


Today’s UrbanDaddy jogged our memory about one of our fonder memories from the 80s. If you were a bored kid with a television, at some point you probably ran across the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, also known as GLOW.

The episodes are a late eighties time capsule, full of spandex-clad stuntwomen furiously mugging their way through some of the more sloppily choreographed bouts this side of boxing. It only survived four seasons, but there was a certain charm that hasn’t been recaptured since. We can’t help but wonder if there’s a place for it in the age of derby girls and post-post-post-feminism—especially now that lingerie football is a reality.

If you’re curious to see the ladies in action, you can pick up a few DVDs here, or see a few of the finer bouts after the jump»