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The Long Goodbye


Suits have gotten a lot sleeker since the 40s, but this snap of Raymond Chandler just reminded us what a little texture can do when you give it a chance. It’s a look with more than 60 years of dust on it, but other than the lapels, it’s about as fresh today as it was in ’46.

But the real delight here is seeing all the writerly affectations in one place: the pen-in-mouth, the tortoise-shell frames and the “can’t you see I’m working?” glower.

We’re guessing the photographer didn’t knock.

I Fought the Law


We’ve always been enamored of 40s style, so now that the mug shots of the past are finally hitting Flickr, we can’t help but take a peek.

We aren’t quite sure what this gentleman was picked up for—public hatlessness, maybe—but his suit is a prime example of the post-zoot gangster casual of the day. You can't see his beltline, but we're betting it's riding somewhere around his belly button—which is one part of the style you can skip. The slit pockets, billowy trousers, and shoulder-width lapel, on the other hand, are all ripe for a comeback.

It’s not quite timeless, but it’s awfully close.