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Interview: Thaddeus O’Neil

  • Geoff Rynex
Interview: Thaddeus O’Neil

Fresh off a strong showing (complete with beach bum zombies) at NYFWM, Thaddeus O’Neil and his textured, windswept surf fashion are what you’d call in-demand right now.

Recently, we gave our designer questionnaire to the rhapsodic O’Neil, who spoke on his many inspirations, his past as a Native American with a Galahad complex and the existential implications of trendiness.

A completely out-of-context snippet: “Lone Ranger and Tonto and the Attack of the Killer Pineapples in the Tropical Gardens of Henri Rousseau.”

So, yes, you should read it.

Wear This Stuff to the Beach: Thaddeus O’Neil

  • Kempt Staff


Perfectly timed for any summer beach plans you might be making about now—or that trip to Cannes this weekend—our friends at UrbanDaddy just hipped us to a new line of handsome swim trunks and other beachy sundries from Thaddeus O’Neil.

The man behind the sun-baked collection of menswear (that would be Mr. O’Neil) is a philosopher-king-of-the-beach who spent a few years of endless-summering around the globe, picking up menswear inspiration and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model for a wife along the way. In other words: exactly the kind of guy you want designing your Japanese indigo après-surf kimono, breezy double-weave stripped blazer and colorful popovers. It’s the sort of surf-worthy gear that wouldn’t look out of place at a coffee shop on the Lower East Side.

A closer look at some of our favorite pieces from the collection, after the jump.»