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Barack Obama, So Hot Right Now

  • Najib Benouar

Barack Obama’s status as a pop icon has already been solidified, but here’s some more icing on the cake.

Terry Richardson—the closest thing fashion photography has to an Andy Warhol—has just unveiled a vintage photo shoot that starred the president himself. Judging from Obama’s more youthful visage—notably the lack of gray—we guessed that Richardson has been sitting on these photos for a few years (and they most definitely were taken before the “Uncle Terry” scandal), so we did some light research and found that they were taken during a Vibe magazine photo shoot in 2007. Start making room in your reelection scrapbook...

Because we’ve got the rest of the shoot, via Terry’s Diary, after the jump.»

The Untold Charms of Being Well-Dressed

  • Najib Benouar

This snap comes from the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, where fashion’s favorite perma-grinning photog Terry Richardson followed Ms. Kate Upton about her day at the Beverly Hills Hotel—sunning poolside, wearing floppy hats, the usual—until our favorite bow-tie-wielding comedian Aziz Ansari suddenly entered, frame right. It’s hard to know exactly why he’s in this single photo, but we’ve got a hunch...

And it has to do with dressing the part.»

Emily Senko Has a Very Warm Coat

In a Flash: Terry Richardson, the creepy uncle of the photography world, tells his story to the Times. A sample: “He is one of those guys who could be a smart criminal.” [NYTimes]

Baltic Style: The Lithuanian pocket square makes a proud showing, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re just $18 a pop. [Well Spent]

Clear the Isle: Wales gets back to the important business of making jeans. [Cool Hunting]

North by Northwest: For anyone in Seattle, Jack Straw is looking pretty tempting. [Mister Crew]

Suspenders Are Back


Cheesecake Photos Want to be Free: More embargoed shots from Terry Richardson’s Pirelli calendar. [BlackBook]

Sale-Ing: In the face of Black Friday, Gargyle is offering 25% off their stock when you use the checkout code “Uno.” Good to know. [The Choosy Beggar]

Hall of Fame Material: Apparently James Cameron has a HMFIC ballcap. Also, his wallet says “Bad Motherfucker.” [Vulture]

It’s Inflation: Would you like an electric Rolls Royce Phantom? Do you have half a million dollars? Where are you going? [Gizmodo]

Calendar Girls


Mark Your Calendars: The latest Terry Richardson-lensed Pirelli Calendar just went out through the mail—but unless you’re a subscriber, you’ll have to make do with teaser shots like this one. [Fashion Copious]

The Big Thirteen: Esky gets its MacArthur on, naming thirteen renegades currently changing the world. [Esquire]

Bad Lieutenant! Bad!: Werner Herzog talks about coaxing the crazy out of Nicolas Cage for the upcoming Bad Lieutenant. We’re a little excited, if you couldn’t tell. [Movieline]

We’re All Cousins, Aren’t We?: Vampire Weekend’s latest single is actually kind of badass. [BlackBook]

Linda Evangelista is Surrounded by Chickens


Poultry Farming: We cannot begin to tell you what is going on here. [Fashion Copious]

Rags and Patches: Glenn O’Brien is not pleased with Bono’s choice of jacket. [GQ]

Suit Up: WWD counts down the suit’s best moments on screen. We won’t dispute Wall Street, but Miami Vice might be more controversial than they think. [WWD]

In Retrospect, This Was Inevitable: Terry Richardson has his own, semi-NSFW action figure. [Colette]

Sean Lennon May Be Missing the Point


Home Again, Home Again: Terry Richardson takes Sean Lennon into seriously Freudian territory. [Refinery29]

Grilled: Google starts tracking the value of luxury goods like jewels, precious metals, and unusually good coffee. [GoogleBlog]

Under the Mattress: You asked for a wallet made from a mattress…and the internet delivered. [JoshSpear]

Out of Your League: Talking to attractive women may render you temporarily less intelligent. In other news, talking to unintelligent women may render you temporarily more well-read. [Neatorama]

He's Bad News


Bad Influence: We can’t help but think that Terry Richardson is a bad influence on the Olsens. [Olsens Anonymous]

Graphic Imagery: A Liechtenstein-biting Forever 21 shirt inspires a sprawling discourse. [ThisRecording]

Pop Goes the Weasel: Men’s Health suggests popcorn as the next natural sex aid. We believe last month it was avocado. [Grub Street]

Part of the Crew: J. Crew’s online shop is currently 50% off, making it the best chance at seersucker shorts you’ll get all summer. [The Choosy Beggar]

The Wages of Sloth


Terrytown: Terry Richardson teams up with the Pirelli calendar, and this is the closest to SFW he comes. [Hypebeast]

A Verdant Glenn: The embattled style guy empties his notebook with characteristic unflappability, unearthing gems like “Rhythm shook me like a thermometer.” Shine on, you grizzled diamond. [Men.Style]

Brass Balls: Transformers 2 might be a bit more anatomically correct than is strictly appropriate. [Gawker]

Darkness on the Edge of Town: The L.A. outskirts gets a new boutique. [CoolHunting]

Scraggly Beards, Ecko, and Wild Things


Dirty Young Man: Terry Richardson does a watch spread for Vogue Homme International…but we did not notice the watches. [FashionIndie]

On the Record: The Steel Closet tracks down the Men’s Fashion Director of Saks Fifth Avenue for a chat about spring collections and fashion during the downturn. [The Steel Closet]

Ecko Chamber: Marc Ecko may be the next big designer to fall victim to hard times. Also, in retrospect, everyone agrees the sequined Star Wars tees were just asking for it. [The Cut]

Wild Thing: The new Where the Wild Things Are trailer is officially one of our favorite things. [TakePart]