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Howard’s End


Terrence Howard, occasional MOTH and reliably excellent actor, is venturing onto the treacherous ground of actor-singers. Howard opened up to the Times, describing his career path as a struggling singer-songwriter. He lists his influences as Don McLean, Jim Croce, and Barry Manilow: a triptych of soft-rock sensitive types. But if what we’re seeing so far is any indication, he may need a more robust icon by the time the album hits stores.

The actor-musician crossover is rarely a good idea—except in the case of Ms. Deschanel, of course—and we have our doubts. Apparently Vulture shares them, since they’re preemptively calling the album “something special.” Only, not in a good way.

One way or another, he’s about to get more seething internet ink than he'll know what to do with.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: Terrence Howard

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

The gangster / jazz great look is a hard one to pull off with any measure of success. Too often practitioners err with exaggeratedly-cut or outlandishly-fabric'd suits, overly large or oddly-hued hats, ridiculous neckties, or just generally odious accessories and embellishments. The trick is to keep things as elegantly simple and classic as possible, perhaps even a little austere if you really don't want anyone thinking you're on your way to a costume ball.

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