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Kempt Man of the Hour: Terence Koh

Terence Kohvia GoaG

With Memorial Day already receding into our hazy memory, we thought we’d single out one of the better uses of summer whites we’ve seen. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Terence Koh…

This snap comes from last week’s Volkswagen dinner at the Museum of Modern Art, where the rest of the crowd was clad in wool suits and silk ties. Mr. Koh opted for something both summery and avant garde.

Step one is getting genuinely white pants: none of this cream or off-white business. (Those beat-up bucks are allowed to be a little hazier, but don’t start getting sloppy.) The masterstroke here is the spread club collar, just to remind you he’s a forward thinker.

The result is what the aliens will look like when they land on Southampton.