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Bar Refaeli Would Like to Show You Her Capital

  • Kempt Staff

The Hottest Tour Guide in Israel. From chic shops to secret beaches to her parents’ house, Bar Refaeli takes Vanity Fair, and now you, on a tour of her native Tel Aviv. Mazel tov. [Vanity Fair]

Abraham Lincoln Looks Like a Movie Star. The fate of human dignity is in the hands of Daniel Day Lewis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stars of Spielberg’s eagerly anticipated feature, the trailer for which was released today. Esquire’s got the review. (Honestly.) [Esquire]

The Babe. (No, the Other One.) Grantland presents the remarkable tale of Nanci Donnellan, better known as “Fabulous Sports Babe,” the first lady of sports talk radio. (Though not married to Steve “The Schmooze” Somers.) [Grantland]

Your Ski Poles Just Got Greener... Two former World Cup alpine racers, tired of snowless ski seasons, developed state-of-the-art ski poles made from sustainable materials, including bamboo. (Wait, what?) [Gear Patrol]



The coffee cup is as close to a design standard as you’ll find, but there’s always room for improvement.

A group of Tel Aviv design students took a crack at it, and the results are intriguing. This model, called the cubis, is designed for easy stacking—the corners fit together, naturally—and a thick layer of ceramic insulation to provide a cool place to grip. We don’t expect to see it in diners any time soon...but maybe there are a few boutique hotels in need of a restock?