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The Comics Page


It’s been a while since we’ve gotten excited about a streetwear collab, but Stussy just managed quite a coup. They commissioned the mildly reclusive, notoriously prickly Dan Clowes for a set of three Stussy-branded t-shirts.

The shirts show a detective, spaceman and Karloff-esque monster, respectively, but the lovingly nerdy detachment the real prize here. It’s a higher brow than we’re used to in a t-shirt, but maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. Between this and their Love & Rockets collab, Stussy’s on their way to being the official t-shirt of underground comics.

The Throwback Tee


The T-shirt doesn’t get a lot of respect, but a good one can see you through the summer in reliably Newman-esque form. And since we’re guessing you’ve already got a reliably weathered plain white tee, you’re free to get a little more interesting.

This Levi’s Vintage tee (conveniently on-sale) takes its cues from 30s style, which means a broader neck and St. James-style ecru stripes along the sleeves and waist. It’s a few steps beyond the classic white tee, which should be just enough to let them know you’re paying attention.

The Art of the Bootleg


The band t-shirt’s always been a contentious item—and it’s only gotten worse in the age of Pitchfork—but we’ve still got a soft spot for a good screenprinted tee. Especially if it comes with a few smudges and a good story.

These tees come from Cesar Padilla’s latest tome Ripped: T-Shirts from the Underground, an ode to the bootlegged t-shirts of the 70s and 80s, and they’re some of the better punk artifacts out there. Padilla’s also the man behind Cherry, one of New York’s better vintage shops, so he’s had plenty of time to cull the best of the best. For your own wardrobe, we’d suggest something a little more recent and a little less historical—just so you don’t have to borrow someone else’s story—but there’s no harm in looking.

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We tend to be pretty wary of high-concept tees, but this pair (via NotCot) does just about everything right. There’s a simple, geometric design, low-key colors and an unmistakable message. The only downside: if you were pondering a purchase, you’ll have to get both or neither. Wouldn’t want to be too optimistic…

All Summer Long


We snuck in for an exclusive peek at Rogues Gallery’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and the words “more of the same” have never sounded so sweet. The biggest surprise is the madras suit, which looks like it would be more at home at the fairgrounds than a fishing boat, but the rest of the gear shows off the same faded, loose-knit, maritime, worn-in vibe that’s made Rogues a favorite. Some pics after the jump of their new Fair Isle sweaters, t shirt goodness and a showstopping cotton navy sweater.

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I’m With the Band


Count on A.P.C. to make even the band t-shirt seem like the result of a struggle.

They just put out a series of clever t-shirts for the bands Housse de Racket, Koko Von Napoo and The Teenagers, but what’s usually a quirky opportunity for brands to stretch their design legs has become downright cranky.

Instead of basking in the rock star’s reflected glow, A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou has apparently taken this opportunity to explain exactly what’s wrong with kids today. In the release, he writes, “It all started in the nineties, when a Clash clad in Prada was sometimes encountered, and now baby clashes are all posing for Prada. Poseurs have taken the place of heroes. I do hate rock ‘n’ roll.”

Them’s fightin’ words...

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